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Middle Eastern Grocery Retailer Elevates Replenishment Planning with Order Right

Middle Eastern grocery retailer projects $60M savings in inventory costs – Algonomy

Zalora Improves Average Basket Size With Ecommerce Personalization

ZALORA Achieves a 40% Growth in Average Basket Size by Personalizing eCommerce Properties Across 6 Countries

Leading North American Fashion Retailer

A leading North American fashion retailer realized a 4% lift in conversions in under 3 weeks

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail

Drives a 13% Lift in AOV Across 6 Brands by Personalizing Key Commerce Touchpoints

HP Engage

McDonald’s (West & South India) Drives a 40% Increase in Omnichannel Customer Base with Data-driven Marketing

Mcdonalds India Increases Omnichannel Customer Base

McDonald’s (West & South India) Drives a 40% Increase in Omnichannel Customer Base with Data-driven Marketing

Prince Retail Transforms End-to-end Supplier Collaboration Process with Vendor Link

Vendor Link helped Prince Retail streamline its order management process, bring transparency in its payment processing, and build a data-driven culture across its vendor ecosystem.

Extra Increases AOV From Product Recommendations

Learn how eXtra, a popular consumer electronics retailer in the Gulf region, increased Conversion Rate and AOV using the right product recommendation strategies.

Whitepaper: Building a Successful Customer Data Strategy

Learn how adding trend-based guard-railing to machine learning-based Demand Forecasting can help reduce errors and improve accuracy.

Whitepaper: Trend-based Guard Rails for Accurate Demand Forecasting

Learn how adding trend-based guard-railing to machine learning-based Demand Forecasting can help reduce errors and improve accuracy.

The Ultimate Guide to Demand Forecasting in Grocery Retail (2023)

Retail demand forecasting has forever changed. Learn why retailers are turning to AI-powered demand forecasting amid escalating competitive and supply chain challenges.

The Marketer’s Guide to Customer Journey Orchestration

Customer Journey Orchestration helps you reimagine your approach to customer experience with hyper-personalized omnichannel journeys. Learn more.

A US-based Global eCommerce Marketplace Drives Revenues With Relevant Recommendations

Recommend™ and Engage™ deliver $88 million in attributable sales, over 50% attributable revenue on mobile app, and 250% higher RPM.

A Leading UK-based Office Supplies Company Drives Revenue Through Hyper-personalized Cross-sells

40% of the company’s Attributable Sales come through cross-sell using Recommend™, in addition to 5% incremental revenue uplift.

A Leading UK-based Department Store Chain Increases Sales By Delivering 1:1 Personalization

Recommend™ delivers 365% higher attributable revenue and 279% more clicks from personalized email campaigns, plus higher conversion rates.

Grocery replenishment has evolved

Grocery retail has irrevocably changed. The last two years in particular have exposed many gaps in business.

Demystifying demand forecasting in grocery

Grocers are facing unprecedented top and bottom-line erosion due to stock issues.

9 Best Practices in Demand Forecasting for Grocery Retailers

Grocery retail supply chains are getting more complex and unmanageable with traditional forecasting models.

Major US-based Convenience Store Retailer

Algonomy’s Vendor Link fit in perfectly with the client’s requirement of a 360-degree supplier collaboration platform.

Personalization ROI Report

Learn how companies have used products from our Omnichannel Personalization Suite to increase conversion rates, basket sizes, and revenues.

Winning the retail battle with modern centralized supplier collaboration

The holiday season is a veritable goldmine for retailers. Yet, hurdles such as site-wide outages, glitches in supply and demand, and a dearth of personalization efforts keep brands from capitalizing on the shopping rush.

Holiday Readiness Series

The holiday season is a veritable goldmine for retailers. Yet, hurdles such as site-wide outages, glitches in supply and demand, and a dearth of personalization efforts keep brands from capitalizing on the shopping rush.

Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) Explained

The Technology & Tradecraft of Hyper-Personalized Buyer Experiences

Audience Manager Datasheet

Real-Time Segment Streaming with Audience Manager

Social Proof Messaging Datasheet

Nudge Your Shoppers Down the Purchase Funnel

Forecast Right Datasheet

Take the guesswork out with rapid, intelligent, and granular demand forecasting.

Order Right Datasheet

Optimize your replenishment planning to achieve lean inventory and reduced out-of-stocks.

A Multi-billion Dollar, Multi-format Retailer Transforms Merchandise Planning and Operations

Merchandise Analytics helps them reduce excess inventory by 30%, increase inventory sell-thru by 12%, cut down sales loss by $20mn, and more.

A Leading European Pharmaceuticals Retailer Cracks Key Supplier Collaboration Challenges

Using VendorLink, they increase new product registrations by 100%, reduce the time taken to close vendor issues by 70%, and more.

A Leading Asian Chain of Modern Retail Outlets Improves Supplier Collaboration

VendorLink helps them reduce vendor and product onboarding lead time by 97%, reduce invoice disputes, and monetize data insights.

A Leading American Technology Company Improves Its Pricing & Promotion Strategy

Using Merchandise Analytics, they plug revenue leakage by $5mn and reduce the lead time to plan and execute promotions by 93%.

B. TECH Case Study

Case Study B. TECH Hyper-personalizes Key Touchpoints in Digital Commerce GET THE PDF Segment Consumer Electronics Objective Drive sales with personalization across the buying journey on web, mobile site, Android and iOS apps Product Used Outcomes 18.6% attributable sales (compared...

A Leading American Fast Fashion Retailer Improves Assortment Planning

Assortment Edge helps them reduce range planning efforts by 87.5% and improve the productivity of assortment planners by 700%.

The Definitive Guide to Omnichannel Personalization in 2023

Recognizing customers as individuals, responding in real-time, and personalizing across the customer’s digital lifecycle is the way forward.

Bubbleroom Personalizes Product Recommendations and Browse Experience, Grows Mobile Conversions

Using Recommend™ and Discover™, the Scandinavian fashion retailer improves conversion rate by 11% and AOV by 9.5%.

Find™ Datasheet

Drive greater results with increased interactivity and control on site search.

How QSRs Deliver Personalized Mobile App Experiences

A quick video on how QSRs can leverage mobile app personalization to deliver individualized experiences that convert more.

Personalization Playbook

Get actionable tactics for eCommerce personalization, with 20+ real examples from different retail verticals.

Game-changing DeepRecs NLP Improves Product Discovery of 2M+ Catalog

The Algonomy Personalization Suite helps the Japanese entertainment webstore increase AOV by 6.25% and items per order by 8.39%.

Recommend™ Datasheet

Make every interaction personal. Combine human and artificial intelligence for better results.

Época Cosmeticos Pivots to Individualized Shopper Experiences, Improves SEO with Personalized Search

The Brazilian beauty retailer uses Recommend™, Find™, and Engage™ to increase conversions by 4%, AOV by 55%, and get 3x engagement.

Personalization Cloud Datasheet

Create memorable experiences across all touchpoints with a real-time platform.

Algonomy Customer Excellence Awards 2021

Which brands are setting new benchmarks in the use of algorithmic decisioning to improve business results? Check out the winners.

Blue Tomato Leverages Algonomy’s AI-powered Recommendation Engine

The European retailer uses Recommend™ to get 3x revenue from orders with recommendations and increase average basket value by 20%.

CDP Datasheet

Real-time customer data platform for personalized 1:1 engagement.

Operational Excellence for Pizza Hut UK

Real-time business intelligence from Restaurant Analytics helps the pizza chain improve operating efficiency by 92% across 9 business functions.

Aldi Leverages Integrated Personalization to Drive Revenue Lift, Tailors Customer Experience

The supermarket chain increases RPV by 46%, AOV by 10%, and attributable revenue by 20% using the Algonomy Personalization Suite.

Engage™ Datasheet

Create highly relevant content experiences for each individual customer.

Vendor Link Data Sheet

Collaborate with vendors seamlessly through a self-service platform.

A Major US Supermarket Chain Drives Data-driven Marketing, Personalizes Customer Engagement

The company uses Algonomy’s CDP and Customer Journey Orchestration to grow digital accounts by 100% and mobile app usage 4x.

Discover Datasheet

Personalize browse and navigation with the most relevant products.

Verkkokauppa.com Drives 1:1 Personalization Across Search, Browse, Content & Recommendations

The Finnish e-store giant increases conversion rates by 31%, basket sizes by 25%, and more using the Algonomy Personalization Suite.

Merchandise Analytics for Grocery Datasheet

Drive profitable category growth with algorithmic category management.

Consum delivers Omnichannel Personalized Shopper Experiences

Algonomy’s customer data platform and CJO help the Spanish cooperative increase average basket values by 19% and visit frequency by 10%.

Customer Journey Orchestration Datasheet

Connect with customers in the moment, where they are, to drive conversions up.

Leading online thrift store connects with shoppers individually

The leading US thrift store increases conversions by 7.3% and improves their brand perception and customer engagement using Find™.

Swap.com Connects with Shoppers Individually, Increases Conversions with Personalized Search

The leading US thrift store increases conversions by 7.3% and improves their brand perception and customer engagement using Find™.

Xen AI Datasheet

Make smarter decisions for a segment of one with personalization AI.

Deep Recs Datasheet

Personalize new and long-tail products immediately and improve relevancy.

Connect Datasheet

Personalize faster with pre-built connectors to leading commerce platforms.

Algorithmic Customer Engagement Datasheet

Deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences with algorithmic solutions.

Assortment Edge Datasheet

Automated customer-centric assortment plans to improve full-price sell thru.

Merchandise Analytics for Fashion Datasheet

Powering intelligent merchandising decisions with algorithms.

Algonomy Personalization Summit 2021

Watch market leaders from across countries and retail verticals talk about personalization best practices and success stories.

Algonomy AWS Retail Webinar

eCommerce experts talk about how digital-first algorithmic strategies driven by customer-centricity supercharges businesses.

Algonomy QSR Summit 2021

Watch QSR leaders speak about using Cloud and AI to hyper-personalize customer experiences and generate operational excellence for business.

Multinational Conglomerate Personalized Marketing Case Study

A multinational conglomerate that operates across 40 countries, driving over 30 businesses and 300 brands.

Large Pizza Franchise Case Study

The client runs the pizza business for one of the top three pizza brands in the world. They own and operate over 500 stores across 200+ cities, catering to over 50 million orders from 7+ million customers.

Findability Whitepaper

Learn how to measure and improve Findability, one of the most important metrics in your digital customer experience toolkit.

Algonomy Customer Summit 2021

#NextBeginsNow: Experts discuss the algorithmic future of retail, emerging customer trends, latest tech and practices, and road-tested tactics.


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