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Easy, Scalable Data Management

Ingest, Structure & Enhance Incoming Data from Various Sources Without the Need for IT

Streaming Data Ingestion

Seamlessly ingest customer data, extensible for any online or offline source – mobile, eCommerce, CRM, POS, DWH, DMP, etc. Ingress batch or streaming data via API requests. Drag and drop data files into an intuitive UI for batch upload.

Golden Customer Record

Create a single unified customer profile by stitching together first party, second party, and third-party data. Use clean data with deduplication, outlier rejection, missing value enrichment, and attribute harmonization to turn every profile into a Golden Record.

Data Dictionary

Enjoy the transparency of data access with a consolidated view in the Data Dictionary. Customer data attributes are aggregated, validated, and standardized into a template for structured storage in a Data Warehouse for direct batch upload.

Segment Export

With a simple UI, seamlessly export customer data and segments to S3 location for personalization, cross-channel marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, and other use cases. You could choose bulk file export or real-time activation with published APIs.


With out-of-the-box connectors, you enjoy faster onboarding and better control of your data. The platform integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Commercetools, making real-time capture of product, transaction, and customer behavioral data possible.

Real-time Customer Profiles

Individualize every engagement by activating your audience in real-time

Audience Manager

Real-Time Segment Streaming with Audience Manager

Omnichannel customer experiences become a reality when your segments exist wherever and whenever you need them.


Connect the Spokes, Win with Omnichannel Personalization & Orchestration

Simplify your data management with an easy-to-use,
marketer-friendly platform.

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