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The Consequences of Ineffective Supplier Collaboration

Suppliers are crucial to the success of retail operations, offering opportunities to enhance efficiency and foster customer loyalty through enhanced collaboration. However, many supplier processes remain outdated, manual, and isolated, relying heavily on phone calls, faxes, and messages for transactions. This lack of integrated planning and execution collaboration results in inefficiencies and a zero-sum outcome, ultimately proving costly for retailers.

$4.5 million

estimated impact of out of stock caused due to supplier related challenges


what it costs retailers in order and payments management

$1.5 million

estimated impact of unrealized supplier-funded promotions


what it costs retailers in supplier and product information management

*estimates applicable for an average retailer

Automate supplier processes, collaborate effectively across supplier lifecycle and build actionable insights with Algonomy’s Supplier Collaboration Platform


Faster new product introduction


Reduction in supplier information management costs


Reduction in order to pay management costs


As alternate revenue stream with data monetization

Reduce supplier information management costs
  • E-approval workflows and self-help portal for 70% faster vendor onboarding
  • 100% accuracy on supplier data with process digitization
  • Collaborative features for efficient master data management
Achieve faster and accurate product management
  • Up to 40% faster new product introduction with collaborative launch
  • 100% accurate data with GS1 global registry integration
  • Efficiently manage price and cost across different markets
Create efficient and transparent order to pay cycle
  • Reduce PO cycle processing time by 60% with collaborative features
  • Reduce cost-per-invoice by 50% with 3-way reconciliation
  • Achieve 100% data accuracy on invoices and POs in ERP
Improve promotions effectiveness and rebate recovery
  • Collaborative promotions planning and performance monitoring
  • Automatic rebate calculation in payment summary
  • Planogram performance monitoring
Uncover and share data insights seamlessly
  • Vendor Scorecard for vendor performance monitoring
  • Inventory insights
  • Competitive insights
  • Product Insights
Do more with industry-first collaborative features
  • Integrated chat feature with peers and counterparts
  • File Sharing capability with access control
  • Vendor Bulletin
  • Mobile access for productivity boost

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Elevate Your Game With Retail’s Only True Supplier Collaboration Platform Trusted by Top Retailers

  • 12%

    Inventory sell-through

  • 5%

    Category margins

  • 11%

    Inventory costs

  • 40%

    Supplier-related costs

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