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Findability Whitepaper

Personalized Commerce Search: Improving Findability for Greater Conversions and Revenue

Learn how to measure and improve Findability, one of the most important metrics in your digital customer experience toolkit.

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Why Read the Findability Whitepaper?

Commerce search is often the first step taken on the path to product discovery. It is often shoppers’ entry point and a key touchpoint where they form their first impression of your brand. Did you know that people who use the search box convert 3X more than those who don’t?

However, legacy search solutions have lacked the real-time ability to truly measure and respond to a shopper’s ever-changing behavior.

This whitepaper reveals why Findability is the essential metric to measure if your customers are finding what they need. It highlights how improving the Findability score elevates the entire customer experience and increases not only engagement but the overall revenue across channels.

What You Will Learn from the Whitepaper

  • How self-learning, personalized commerce search can create bespoke brand experiences for your customers. 
  • How Findability serves as a measurable, data-driven metric to understand the impact of your search experience.
  • How to maximize Findability to increase engagement and revenue per session.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to deliver an intuitive search experience that shoppers expect today.

Success Stories

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Finnish mass merchant overcomes product data challenges with FIND’s self-learning capabilities and now converts 5X more with personalized search.

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Top beauty retailer combines content with product search, achieves 3X engagement and 47% reduction in bounce rates with FIND™

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With 2M+ SKUs, the consignment store wanted to provide true personalization & not just popular results. An out of the box Find™ implementation boosted conversions by 7.3%.

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