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Audience Manager Datasheet

Real-Time Segment Streaming with Audience Manager

Social Proof Messaging Datasheet

Nudge Your Shoppers Down the Purchase Funnel

Forecast Right Datasheet

Take the guesswork out with rapid, intelligent, and granular demand forecasting.

Order Right Datasheet

Optimize your replenishment planning to achieve lean inventory and reduced out-of-stocks.

Find™ Datasheet

Drive greater results with increased interactivity and control on site search.

Recommend™ Datasheet

Make every interaction personal. Combine human and artificial intelligence for better results.

Personalization Cloud Datasheet

Create memorable experiences across all touchpoints with a real-time platform.

CDP Datasheet

Real-time customer data platform for personalized 1:1 engagement.

Engage™ Datasheet

Create highly relevant content experiences for each individual customer.

Vendor Link Data Sheet

Collaborate with vendors seamlessly through a self-service platform.

Discover Datasheet

Personalize browse and navigation with the most relevant products.

Merchandise Analytics for Grocery Datasheet

Drive profitable category growth with algorithmic category management.

Customer Journey Orchestration Datasheet

Connect with customers in the moment, where they are, to drive conversions up.

Xen AI Datasheet

Make smarter decisions for a segment of one with personalization AI.

Deep Recs Datasheet

Personalize new and long-tail products immediately and improve relevancy.

Connect Datasheet

Personalize faster with pre-built connectors to leading commerce platforms.

Algorithmic Customer Engagement Datasheet

Deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences with algorithmic solutions.

Assortment Edge Datasheet

Automated customer-centric assortment plans to improve full-price sell thru.

Merchandise Analytics for Fashion Datasheet

Powering intelligent merchandising decisions with algorithms.


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