Audience Manager for Marketers

Get automated insights at speed to connect with your customers in-the-moment

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Leverage Pre-populated Segments or Create Custom Segments for Targeted Marketing

Enjoy Seamless Audience Discovery

Audience Discovery simplifies the discovery process with a simple point-and-click filtering. Sieve customers using attribute or browsing information and add events to create granular segments for targeted engagement.

Build Real-time Customer Segments

Create, manage, and use audience segment lists for personalized engagement in real-time. Define customer segments by choosing events for filtering using historical data or visitor schema, and display real-time audiences that fuel downstream marketing orchestration.

Benefit from Pre-built Automated Segments

Leverage pre-built segments created based on common use cases such as churn, cart abandonment, activity, order value, and many such attributes to drive targeted engagement. Filter segments, modify segment conditions, and customize to suit your specific use case and targeting requirement.

Use the Segments for Campaign Orchestration

Use your segments to activate audiences to all downstream destinations – for personalization, cross-channel marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, and other use cases. Select fields and frequency of sharing based on data need.

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Real-time Customer Data Platform

Unify, segment, and activate your audience in real-time to drive meaningful engagement with Retail’s only Real-time Customer Data Platform.

Personalized Marketing and Customer Journeys

Activate life-stage marketing campaigns and personalized interactions to boost engagement, sales, and customer lifetime value.

Personalized Experiences for Digital Commerce

Personalize the touchpoints of search, browse, product recommendations, and content to improve conversions, basket size, and digital revenue.

Make your marketing efforts targeted and precise with a
user-friendly Audience Manager.

Use Audience Manager to Enable Contextually Relevant Customer Experiences