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The Foundation for Algorithmic Business

A global, cloud-based data infrastructure purpose built to support the innovations and algorithms changing retail for good.

Retail Innovations

Digital transformation for retail is no longer optional. We help pave the way with algorithmic innovations that allow you to form deeper connections with customers, streamline inefficient processes, and respond nimbly to any challenge.

Full spectrum of AI - ML and DL algorithms

A comprehensive ensemble of supervised and unsupervised predictive and prescriptive models future proofs your investment and ensures the right context-relevant algorithm is applied to every decision. Our algorithms dynamically tune their behavior to optimize performance for each client, and also to adapt to seasonality and variable customer behavior.

Enterprise class infrastructure

Massive investments in multi-cloud big data infrastructure and 14 dual-tier data centers create a secure and powerful backbone for serving decisions and scaling up highly personal experiences.

Built to Drive Engagement, Next-best Actions, and Business Results

Xen AI - Composite AI decisioning engine, unique to Algonomy
Real-time contextual CDP

Product Platform