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Denmark’s Leading Consumer Goods Retailer Drives AOV and Elevates Shopper Experience with Personalization

Case Study

Denmark’s Leading Consumer Goods Retailer Drives a 17% Increase in AOV with Personalization

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The client, a major player in Denmark’s shopping cooperative, initiated efforts to meet elevated customer expectations. With a vast network and over 1.7 million local members, their focus was on elevating the end-shopper experience and driving increased conversion.

The Challenge To address the challenge of personalization throughout the customer lifecycle, the client extensively evaluated providers. They chose Algonomy for its robust merchandising, AI-driven recommendations, and a platform conducive to continuous innovation.

The Solution

  • Starting with intelligent cross-sells and product recommendations with Recommend™ , the client witnessed immediate impacts.
  • The use of Algonomy’s Experience Browser provided transparency to AI decisioning and enhanced understanding of customer flow through the site.
  • The client utilized Discover™ and Engage™ to prioritize content on product listing pages and personalize content/promotion campaigns.
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Personalization is something that customers in the Danish market simply expect when they visit an e-shop. To meet our customer needs, we started by first implementing the most important part of the Algonomy platform: Recommend™ for Personalized Product Offers. We did this throughout our website. Soon after, we looked into implementing Discover™ for personalized product pages and lastly, Engage™, for personalized content and placements. All three modules work great together.

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The Result

  • Intelligent cross-sells at checkout led to a significant increase in average order value and items per order (over 17%).
  • Mobile, in particular, experienced a remarkable lift of over 70% in sales per view.

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Move from Segmentation to 1:1 Personalization at Every Customer Touchpoint

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Complete, unified commerce personalization

Connect all digital path-to-purchase touchpoints — search, navigation, recommendations, and content — to deliver one personal experience that supports the complete customer journey.

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Most comprehensive library of 150+ personalization strategies

Accelerate time to market with our strategy library that ranges from wisdom of the crowd and collaborative filtering approaches to deep learning visual discovery and NLP approaches.

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Advanced merchandising

Cross-sell and upsell seamlessly by leveraging product attributes and compatibility data. Create automated recommendations and bundles that take the load off your merchandisers.

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Algorithmic decisioning for every user with real-time context

Leverage AI to detect each shopper’s stage in the buying process, and combine it with their affinities to pick the best strategy that delivers the most relevant 1:1 experience while meeting your revenue or engagement goals.

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Denmark’s Leading Consumer Goods Retailer