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Digital Readiness for Retail: Digital-First Strategies for a Resilient Business

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After a boom year of sales windfall, retailers are now looking ahead to a future filled with opportunity and uncertainty. The opportunity presented by e-retail, and the uncertainty of how consumers will respond once the pandemic is behind us as things settle. What’s certain is that retailers want to sustain their gains for long-term growth. The winning mantra is to Redo Digital for Retail with the customer at the center of it all.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • Digital-first strategies driven by customer-first approach
  • Smart strategies and actionable tactics to grow footfalls, visits, basket size & value
  • How algorithms power real-time, personalized customer engagement across channels, specially crafted for retail segment
  • Success mantras and real-life examples of challenges and algorithmic solutions for digital dominance
Session 1 (30 mins)
Harrison Lewis

SVP and CIO, Grocery Outlet

Raj Badarinath

Chief Marketing Officer, Algonomy

Scott Langdoc

Grocery Lead – Grocery, Drug & Convenience/Fuel Retail, AWS

1CIO Perspectives: Why Digital-first Grocers are poised to win

  • Accelerate the customer value potential with real-time interaction
  • Technology and Marketing intersection for high velocity growth
  • What’s next in AI-driven Personalization for Grocery
Session 2 (30 mins)
Amit Rohatgi

VP, Product Consulting, Algonomy

2The winning formula for Retail: Customer Insights + Omnichannel + Personalization

  • CDP: Making real-time customer insights real
  • Omnichannel Orchestration: Consistent engagement across customer journey
  • Personalization: Individualized customer engagement powered by AI

Algorithmic Customer Engagement Maturity Assessment

In under 2 minutes get a custom, on-demand view of your current customer engagement maturity vs. the desired state/industry benchmark.

See how you stack up across 5 digital competencies – Customer Data & Analytics, Campaign & Journey orchestration, Omnichannel Marketing, Personalization, Measurement & Optimization to help prioritize the right investments and future objectives.

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