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Making Data Work For You

Data Management

Eliminate data silos with out-of-the box batch and real-time ingestion that seamlessly centralizes data from any app or on or offline data store. Engineered for scale & performance, the platform’s ETL enables easy access to clean data for business users.

Data & Analytics

Combine anonymized behavioural data, known PII, and profile data into a single, 360-degree customer view to derive deep custom insights using OOTB analytics models.

Data Privacy & Security

With over a decade of experience in securing customer data for 200+ retail organizations, Algonomy has a proven track record of 100% security conformance. With advanced application firewalls, complex cryptographic algorithms for data protection & threat modelling topped with in-house data security councils, Algonomy provides fail-proof data security. Ensure maximum privacy protection complying with GDPR, EU Privacy Directive & CCPA. Run complex anonymization routines to execute opt-ins, right to be forgotten & secure data erasure procedures through UI controls & APIs.

Custom Data Science Models

Use Golden Customer Record, deduped & enriched by Algonomy CDP to build custom models for nuanced analysis enabling intelligent decisioning and sharper marketing.

More Products Data Officers Can Use

Customer Data Platform
Customer Data Platform

Algonomy's Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the only intelligent hub for retail with actionable algorithms/real-time activation/real-time customer analytics

Customer Analytics
Customer Analytics

Algonomy unearths hidden customer insights with advanced descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive algorithms empowering marketers to drive personalized customer engagement.

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