Convert Every Digital Interaction into a Personal Experience

Leverage a rich library of algorithms, covering every retail use case to recommend, upsell and cross-sell, deliver relevant offers and tune the search and browse experience – all in a coherent, personal manner.

Make omnichannel personalization memorable

Authentically engage audiences with perfectly timed personalized campaigns and offers across all channels – email, text/SMS, in-app notifications, mobile, website, contact center and more.

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Extend personalization to every. single. channel.

With native connectors and APIs designed for every possible channel and use case, there’s literally no limit to where or how you can engage customers.

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Deliver cohesive cross-channel customer experiences

Algonomy personalization solutions work seamlessly across all channels to create relevant experiences that span the entire commerce lifecycle.

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Website personalization

Craft 1:1 personalized online experiences — product recommendations, popups, content marketing, onsite search, browse — that are based on a rich, contextual omnichannel ‘living’ customer profile and real-time behaviors.

Mobile and in-app personalization

Deliver the unique interactions you expect from your website personalization even on the smallest mobile screen.

In-store personalization

Transform the in-person experience with kiosks, clienteling and other mechanisms to bring in online behavior to offline interactions.

Email open-time personalization

Use real-time email personalization that dynamically updates content at open-time to reduce cart abandonment, drive cross-sell goals, seamlessly connecting customer interactions across channels.

SMS/Text and messenger personalization

Reinforce your digital marketing campaigns, remind and activate your opted-in customers and drive traffic with personalized content and messages

Call center personalization

Empower call center agents with real-time insights into online shopper behavior, cart contents, purchase history and personalized recommendations for a true guided selling experience.


Encourage self-service by personalizing what shoppers see on kiosks based on their real-time behaviors and the use of wisdom of the crowd and other machine learning recommendation algorithms.

Adtech and other channels

Run targeted campaigns using custom audiences for social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and create look-alike audiences to expand reach. Leverage third party paid media marketing to run Google Ad campaigns with our real-time APIs & OOTB integrations.

Explore Our Personalization Products

Customer Data Platform
Customer Data Platform

Algonomy's Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the only intelligent hub for retail with actionable algorithms/real-time activation/real-time customer analytics

Customer Journey Orchestration
Customer Journey Orchestration

Algonomy Marketing Journey Orchestration enables 1:1 journey-based customer engagement across online & offline channels powered by intelligent hub CDP.

Omnichannel Personalization
Omnichannel Personalization

Deliver the most relevant and personal buying experience to each visitor and customer across every channel and touchpoint.

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