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Get Continuous Recommendations and Prescriptions for Data-driven Actions.

Curate assortments aligned to customer demand

Get demand-driven recommendations on what to buy, how much to buy and in what ratio specifically for every store and channel.

Get personalized self-service analytics for faster insights and decision making

Gain access to business insights with the industry’s most comprehensive data platform. It combines retail enterprise with third party data sources and with 100s of pre-built metrics and analytical inisghts to track and measure retail business performance. Use data rich visualizations, dashboards and reports that help with faster decision making.

Minimize markdowns with effective inventory management

Identify deviations from plan vs actual sales and get prescriptive recommendations to reduce overstock and understock

Collaborative execution with vendors

Drive automation and visibility with trade partners by collaborating on a single, high performance platform to streamline all interactions with your vendors. Ensure greater on-shelf availability, greater loyalty, and increased sales and as a result, greater profitability for you and the supplier

More Products Merchandisers Can Use

Assortment Edge
Assortment Edge

Automate and deliver precise assortment plans aligned to customer demands with 1-click assortment planning, to improve full price sell through

Merchandise Analytics for Grocery
Merchandise Analytics for Grocery

Drive profitable sales and growth for the category with algorithmic category management, performance analysis, prescriptive insights and recommendations across planning, inventory, pricing and promotion.

Merchandise Analytics for Fashion
Merchandise Analytics for Fashion

A comprehensive solution tailored for fashion retailers that provides analytical insights and recommendations for all merchandising decisions across demand planning, inventory management and markdown optimization.

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