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Industry-leading AI-powered Demand Forecasting

  • Leverage 2000+ unique ML-based algorithms to capture internal factors such as promotions, inventory and historical sales, and external factors such as weather, macro-economic variables and holidays to generate more accurate forecasts 90% of the time – as compared to traditional methods
  • Capture in-store cannibalization and substitution effects with hierarchical forecasting framework that gives you granular demand patterns at store, channel and category level
  • Simulate multiple scenarios and test out the robustness of your forecasts

Automated & Intelligent Replenishment

  • Optimize inventory days vs cost optimization with shelf-life, lead-time, expiration date, minimum order quantity, minimum display stock, and standard ordering frequency constraints.
  • Configure day-zero predictive alerts on exceptions such as expiration, out-of-stock, overstock, and registration expiry.
  • Automatically account for exchange rates, interest rates, and credit periods.

Retail’s only E2E supplier collaboration solution

  • Automate supplier information management with smart onboarding and central platform for monitoring all supplier information
  • Integrate with GS1 standard data pool and maintain 100% accurate and traceable product information
  • Automate PO information exchange with EDI-integration and smart 3-way reconciliation of invoices
  • Collaborate with suppliers on promotions planning and monitoring to grow supplier-funded promotions and reduce associated costs
  • Uncover and share data-insights with supplier network and even monetize it

Accelerate Time-to-insight with real-time analytics

  • Achieve merchandising success with a unified view of shopper online behavior and category performance
  • Easily identify products and styles for markdown. Accelerate execution with built-in workflow for easy collaborations and approvals
  • Assess category health and optimize assortments to meet customer needs. Manage inventory and identify items and set discount pricing to maximize promotions.

Propel critical metrics forward with precision-guided decisions

Improve Availability

Reduce Shrinkage

Minimise Operational cost

Optimize Inventory

Demonstrated success in achieving Retail Planning Excellence








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