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Imagine Each Customer Felt Like Your Store Was Tailored Just for Them

Personalized Experiences - Product Recommendation

Shelves that highlight products that the customer needs, prefers, and can afford.
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Aisles and displays that don’t just have relevant individual products but also thoughtful ensembles.
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Personalization Platform - Ensemble AI
Personalized Experiences - eCommerce Search

Searches that intuitively lead to products specific to the shopper’s preferences, whether it’s styles, colors, and sizes in apparel or flavors, ingredients, and nutrients in food and beverages.
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Products presented with the most complete and relevant details—further enriched by social proof—to help the shopper make informed decisions and buy with confidence.
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Personalization Platform - Social Proof Messaging
Digital Personalization - Guided Selling

Infinitely knowledgeable concierges and assistants that interactively meet the shopper’s explicit needs and latent wants.
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The ROI of Digital Experience Personalization

  • 31%


  • 46%

    Revenue Per Visitor

  • 40%

    Average Basket Size

  • 15%

    Average Order Value

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Digital Experience Personalization

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