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Real-Time Customer Data Platform

400+ Brands Have Elevated Digital Experiences with Our Solutions

Leading B2B retailers and brands across the globe have grown their revenue with Algonomy’s eCommerce personalization software.

Understand your customer, anticipate their needs, and deliver personalized experiences that delight them at every touchpoint.

Begin the journey to understand your customers by Unifying their data.
  • Remove data silos, and unify customer data using deterministic and probabilistic matching to build a single comprehensive view.
  • Capture first, second, and third-party data in real-time and batch for activation at scale.
  • Drag and drop data files into an intuitive UI for batch upload.

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Particle element
Resolve identities and build meaningful connections with customers
  • Understand customer’s behavior, preferences, journey, and more at any given moment.
  • Use clean data with deduplication, outlier rejection, missing value enrichment, and attribute harmonization to turn every profile into a Golden Customer Record (GCR).

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Anticipate your customers’ needs through advanced AI-ML-led analytical models
  • Leverage out-of-the-box models built for retail business, like affinity models, replenishment prediction models, lookalike models, RFME, Propensity to Buy, CLTV, Churn, etc., to empower your team in making data-backed decisions.
  • Open-box AI engine enabling marketers to develop custom models as per your business requirements.

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Unlock real-time hyper-personalization with Audience Manager
  • Our algorithms automatically build and optimize audience segments based on your business goals, ensuring you reach the right customers with the right message at the right time.
  • Discover audiences in real-time and re-engage them with specific needs as per their unique journey events, preferences, and affinity like triggering inventory and price change communications.

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Add superpowers to your existing MarTech stack
  • Save time and easily integrate your existing MarTech stack with over 560 pre-built connectors across online and offline data systems like marketing automation and campaign orchestration tools, analytics tools, paid media tools, and more.
  • Automate the sharing of segments across multiple systems in your MarTech stack to drive seamless customer experience.

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Get The Algonomy Advantage

Combine Human Intelligence and AI

Strike the balance between AI-driven optimization, which focuses on retail industry-specific measures delivering faster time to value, and business/brand objectives by setting the desired weights and rules. Optimize for the metrics most important to you while leaving the decision-making to AI.

Real-Time Segment Streaming

Real-time stitching of profiles to create Golden Customer Records (GCR) with required controls for data governance and consent management. Instant streaming of your audience to drive personalized, journey-based customer engagement across online and offline channels, by connecting with external solutions.

Marketer-friendly UX

Marketer-friendly UX from data onboarding to segment creation and activation, reducing IT dependency and improving marketing productivity.

Retail-focused Analytical Models

Leverage analytical models perfected over 10 years, like industry-leading replenishment prediction models, RFME, Propensity to Buy, CLTV, Churn, and many more. Delivering instant value to your business.

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Real-Time Segment Streaming with Audience Manager

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Active Content

Active Content is a marketing communication platform that personalizes and optimizes content for Individual consumers across email, apps, WhatsApp and ads by seamlessly integrating diverse data sources to craft individualized and engaging content which is always updated whenever the consumer reads the content.

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The ROI of Customer Data and Audience Management Solution

  • 8%

    Increase in sales

  • 19%

    Increase in AOV

  • 10%

    Increase in repeat users

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