Personalize marketing across channels

Personalize digital marketing and customer engagement through cross-channel, journey-based targeting combined with 360-degree customer views, micro-segmentation, and advanced analytics.

Gain insights to drive growth and increased efficiency

Use your data to drive growth and increase efficiency. Take advantage of restaurant-focused algorithms and AI to improve decision-making while gaining real-time visibility into key business KPIs across sales, planning, operations, HR, and digital teams.

Reduce costs and improve operational profitability

Make smarter decisions by tracking and analyzing key operational metrics, such as delivery time, cook time, delivery logistics, employee productivity, and more, in real time.

QSRs and Restaurants that Rely on Algonomy

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        Improve Decision Making Across the Business

        Give business leaders and their teams algorithmically-driven tools and insights needed to maximize results across their functions.

        Digital Marketing
        Improve CLTV, conversion & loyalty

        Devise and deploy winning restaurant marketing plans and strategies, powered by our real-time personalization, journey orchestration and customer data platform.

        Increase digital revenue

        Connect with digitally savvy customers with real-time online and mobile personalization powered by deep customer insights and customer journey orchestration.

        Reduce costs and improve profitability

        Gain the real-time big picture view and business intelligence to make informed, strategic business decisions across the organization — global sales, individual store and franchisee performance, promotions and digital properties and channels.

        Data Teams
        Enhance forecast accuracy and staff allocation

        Get clean and accurate business intelligence needed to build robust, data-driven business plans and demand forecasts, for optimal staff allocations.

        400+ Brands and Retailers Trust Algonomy Logarithmize your Business Now


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        Digital QSRs