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Drive next-best actions with a real-time understanding of each customer, at every interaction

Use the only real-time CDP for retail to understand customer needs and preferences and act in real time to engage them with the best contextually relevant experience or offer the moment demands.

Automatically segment and launch targeted omnichannel campaigns

Use the dashboard to build or import existing audience segments. Create and launch targeted cross-channel campaigns based on new or returning users, geolocation, referring URL, behavior, time of day, type of device, browser type, and more.

Orchestrate personalized customer journeys across every channel

Use the advanced customer journey builder to orchestrate perfectly timed personalized campaigns and offers across all channels – email, text/SMS, in-app notifications, mobile, website and more.

Gain instant insights with built-in reporting and dashboards

Gain instant, real-time insight into your entire program. Use the comprehensive out-of-the box and customized data visualizations, dashboards and reports to drill down into individual and overall promotion, campaign, and journey performance.

Algorithmically test and optimize every digital experience

Enable AI-driven optimization to continually improve engagement or conversions. Test each experience to identify the ideal mix of creative treatment, headline, copy and channel for every target segment and objective. Automatically select and deploy winning experiences.

More Products Marketers Can Use

Customer Data Platform
Customer Data Platform

Algonomy's Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the only intelligent hub for retail with actionable algorithms/real-time activation/real-time customer analytics

Omnichannel Hyper-Personalization
Omnichannel Hyper-Personalization

Deliver the most relevant and personal buying experience to each visitor and customer across every channel and touchpoint.

Customer Analytics
Customer Analytics

Algonomy unearths hidden customer insights with advanced descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive algorithms empowering marketers to drive personalized customer engagement.

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