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Customer Data and Audience Management

Unify Siloed Customer Data

Ingest, cleanse, and unify all your customer data—known and unknown, structured and unstructured, real-time and batch, and online and offline.

Build Golden Customer Records that Evolve in Real Time

Resolve identities and build unified, 360-degree customer views to understand each customer’s behavior, preferences, journey, and more at any given moment.

Understand Each Customer at a Deeper Level

Leverage advanced analytics models—RFME, Propensity to Buy, CLTV, Churn, etc.—to generate deep insights into customers’ behaviors, affinities, and interactions with your business.

Build and Optimize Customer Segments Automatically

Let algorithms do the heavy lifting of building and optimizing customer segments, while accounting for your business and brand goals.

Enable Real-Time Segment Streaming

Automate the sharing of segments across multiple systems in your MarTech stack.

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Re-engage customers through real-time segments based on customer events combined with inventory and price change triggers.

Omnichannel Campaign and Journey Orchestration

Enable Real-time Audience Activation

Leverage pre-built, automated segments to activate audiences for specific use cases such as churn and cart abandonment.

Ensure Consistent, Timely Engagement On Any Channel

Build and automate omnichannel campaigns and journeys, ensuring a consistent and cohesive brand experience for customers as they move through different stages of the buying journey.

Know What Makes Your Campaigns Tick

Run testing and AI-led optimization to identify the ideal creative treatment, headline, copy, send time, and channel mix for maximizing response rates.

Optimize Your Campaigns for Specific ROI and Engagement Metrics

Measure and optimize your campaigns based on the KPIs that matter most to you—page views, repeat visits, adds-to-cart, conversions, etc.

Deliver Personalized, Contextually Relevant Engagement

Deliver personalized newsletters, customer retention campaigns, and abandonment triggers orchestrated across multiple channels.

Active Content

Connect with Each Customer Like You Know Them

Achieve true “Audience of One” at scale. Transform your data—behavioral data, personalized recommendations, loyalty points, social proof messages, product reviews, etc.—into visually stunning content personalized for each customer.

Make Your Product Recommendations Truly Omnichannel

Boost customer re-engagement and order values by presenting AI-driven cross-sell recommendations and product bundles across email, app, and other channels.

Unify, Customize, and Test — Without IT Support

Use a no-code, marketer-friendly interface with customizable decisioning logic to bring relevant content together, customize the look and feel of the message, and preview the final output—all without having to depend on your IT team.

Make the Most of Every Marketing Opportunity

Ensure your campaigns are launched swiftly and no marketing opportunities are missed by minimizing the time and effort needed for content unification, design and development, and QA.

Improve the ROI of Your Existing MarTech Stack

Enjoy seamless integration with your email and mobile platforms to deliver contextually relevant customer engagement in the perfect moments—maximizing conversions and, therefore, the ROI from your existing MarTech stack.

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The ROI of Omnichannel Customer Marketing

  • 40%

    Omnichannel Customer Base

  • 33%

    Customer Retention

  • 35%

    Offer Redemption Rates

  • 26%

    Incremental Sales from Targeted Campaigns

  • 50%

    Campaign Management Time

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Omnichannel Customer Marketing

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