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Forecast Right: Turbo-charged AI-infused Forecasting

Forecast Right: Turbo-charged AI-infused Forecasting

Take the guesswork out with rapid, intelligent, and granular demand forecasting

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Forecast Right brings in an AI-infused, robust, and easy-to-use forecasting framework that brings accuracy and agility in your supply chain and merchandise planning.

Capture: Enrich and treat data challenges like sparse and noisy data

Tailor: Customize forecasts to suit category, store, and channel nuances

Adapt: Identify and plan for situations arising on shelf in a few clicks


SKUs gain significant accuracy gains over traditional methods

100X faster and scalable

5-clicks is all it takes to generate 1000s of granular forecasts

Proprietary AI

Tailor made feature engineering and model selection for demand forecasting in retail

Elevate Your Planning With Robust, Intelligent, Always-accessible Forecasting

Enrich Your Data
  • Integrate sales-related data, competitor and external market data, weather data, and macro-economic variables to form a golden record.
  • Ingest the data manually or with backend integrations to enable advanced analytics.

Custom Build Models and Generate Forecasts
  • Identify significant influential factors and the magnitude of their effects with the help of proprietary AI.
  • Proprietary hierarchical forecasting framework enables businesses to capture in-store cannibalization and substitution effects.
  • Build and pick the best model out of hundreds of candidate models.
View Results and Compare Scenarios
  • View single forecasts, aggregate at product, hierarchy level, and revisit saved forecast.
  • Evaluate the sensitivities and the resultant forecast by changing the expected behaviors of one or a combination of influential variables – in other words, create multiple scenarios.

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