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Shopping Is Personal. Deliver Truly Individualized Experiences and Then Some to Delight and Inspire Every Customer.

Product Recommendation Relevant and Contextual
Make Every Product Recommendation Relevant and Contextual
  • Leverage Xen AI, our patented decisioning engine, that monitors shopper behavior in real time and selects the winner from 150+ pre-built recommendation strategies to tailor each interaction.
  • Empower non-technical users to easily build and test their personalization strategies—without burdening your data science team—with the industry’s only no-code Configurable Strategies.
  • Automatically make precise cross-sell, upsell, as well as complete-the-bundle recommendations without having to worry about compatibility and stock churn.

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Engage Customers with the Right Content at the Right Time
  • Use a centralized dashboard to create, manage, and deliver personalized content and offers across any channel—be it desktop, mobile, email, or call center.
  • Use a powerful set of pre-built templates for overlays, pop-ups, embeds, etc. to trigger custom messages based on shopper signals such as exit intent, category views, time spent, and more.
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms to auto-optimize performance and spare your team the effort of carrying out tedious, manual A/B tests.

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Customer Engagement with the Right Content
Audience Segments in Real Time
Build, Optimize, and Stream Audience Segments in Real Time
  • Build and optimize audience segments automatically based on your customers’ behaviors, preferences, context, and journey stage.
  • Leverage the built-in AI segments created for common use cases such as cart abandonment and churn—with the ability to customize them based on your specific requirements.
  • Stream audience segments across your marketing ecosystem for personalization, cross-channel marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, and other use cases.

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Provide Social Proof to Build Shopper Trust and Conviction
  • Convert real-time customer activity and catalog data into compelling social proof messages that help shoppers make informed decisions and buy confidently—thereby improving conversions and revenue.
  • Use an easy-to-use interface—designed for marketers and merchandisers—to create fully customizable social proof experiences, without having to depend on a scrum team or developers.
  • Test and compare multiple message variants to determine the optimal design, text, and placement for maximizing conversion rates.

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Social Proof to Build Shopper Trust
Guided Shopping Experiences
Provide Guided Shopping Experiences to Accelerate Discovery
  • Create unique and engaging guided shopping experiences through interactive quizzes that generate the most relevant recommendations by combining explicit input from the customer with implicit data captured from their shopping behavior.
  • Use a simple, marketer-friendly interface to create quizzes on any topic—from fashion to skincare and jewelry to mattresses. Customize the look and feel without waiting on your development team.
  • Seamlessly integrate a customer’s responses to the quiz into their real-time user profile to tailor future interactions with the customer—extending personalization beyond the current shopping session.

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Inspire and Delight Your Shoppers with Stunning Product Ensembles
  • Deliver a curated shopping experience like never before with an AI-powered stylist
  • Present perfectly curated ensembles based on the shoppers’ unique preferences and the latest trends—without manual merchandising
  • Significantly increase average order value, repeat purchase rate, and revenue with data-driven cross-selling

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Stunning Product Ensembles
Supercharge Personalization
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Enrich Your Product Catalog to Supercharge Personalization
  • Leverage ChatGPT and LLM algorithms to automatically enrich your product catalog with specific attributes and descriptions that define a product.
  • Ensure your customers discover products that meet their nuanced requirements—’recycled material’ for shoes, ‘slightly smoky aroma’ for wines, ‘semi sheer transparency’ for dresses, and so on.
  • Get deeper insights into your customers’ affinities and preferences to improve personalization across site search, recommendations, content, and other key touchpoints.

The Algonomy Advantage

AI Transparency Like Never Before

Get instant visibility into not just the performance of personalization but also why an experience was chosen. Audit AI decisions and dig into the rationale behind each recommendation.

Combine Human and Artificial Intelligence

Strike the balance between auto-optimization driven by machine learning and business/brand objectives by setting the desired weights and rules. Optimize for the metrics most important to you while leaving the decision-making to AI.

Personalize Even Without Behavioral Data

Personalize even when there is no historical or behavioral data with game-changing DeepRecs™ technology, which uses image recognition and NLP-based deep learning algorithms to make relevant product recommendations. Learn more.

Personalize Experiences Everywhere

Leverage online and offline data to create a unified, real-time user profile that forms the basis for hyper-personalization across channels, without losing any context.

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