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Multinational Conglomerate Personalized Marketing Case Study

Case Study

A Multinational Conglomerate Creates Unified Customer Views, Drives Personalized Omnichannel Marketing to Improve Conversion Rates and Lifetime Value


The client is a multinational conglomerate that operates across 40 countries, driving over 30 businesses and 300 brands. They are the master franchise for some of the leading international brands in retail, food & beverage, automotive, engineering, credit, etc.

The Challenge The scale and complexity of business with multiple brands and multi-country operations meant managing customer data and creating a single source of truth was a challenge. As a result, marketing decisions were more gut-based and shallow analytics-driven. With Algonomy, they aimed to:

  • Centralize their customer data and create Golden Customer Records to understand customer behavioral patterns, ensure better segmentation, and improve data analysis
  • Remove the dependency of running SQL queries to draw basic insights and build models
  • Delivered personalized, contextual messages through SMS, email, app push notifications, and other channels to improve conversion rates and lifetime value of customers

Product Used Algonomy Personalization Suite:

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Unify Your Customer Data to Drive Personalized Multichannel Marketing and Customer Engagement

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Real-time Customer Profiles

Use Algonomy CDP to capture behavioral data in real-time for both known and anonymous customers. Create dynamic segments for activation at scale.

Predictive Customer Analytics

Leverage actionable algorithms to create granular micro-segments. Perform look-alike and propensity analyses to drive next-best actions, and measure response with campaign and journey analytics.

Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Leverage machine learning algorithms, advanced analytics, and micro-segmentation tools to automatically orchestrate, test, and optimize personalized campaigns across the entire customer journey.

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Personalized Customer Engagement

Leverage data to send the right promotions and content to shoppers, at an individual level. Auto-optimize and eliminate tedious manual A/B tests.

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Multinational Conglomerate Personalized Marketing Case Study