Talk to an Expert Connects with Shoppers Individually, Increases Conversions with Personalized Search

Case Study Connects with Shoppers Individually, Immediately Increases Conversions with Personalized Search

Read Case Study is the largest online consignment and thrift
store in the US, with the vision to help customers shop
sustainably while saving money on their favorite brands.

The Challenge With over 2 million unique SKUs to manage and
promote, needed to move beyond basic site
search to enable truly personalized results, making the
experience individualized and accurate.
found that sessions that include search convert 50%
better than those that don’t, however, the search terms
are terse and do not provide much insight into shopper
intent. How do they then tailor results?

Unlike Amazon, we carry an inventory of one. So traditional personalization strategies — customer segments, popular items, and past purchases — don’t work for our business. We needed true individualization, and Algonomy was the answer.

Chief Technology Officer,

Product Used:

Top Brands Trust Algonomy

Move from Segmentation to 1:1 Personalization at Every Customer Touchpoint

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Complete, unified commerce personalization

Connect all digital path-to-purchase touchpoints — search, navigation, recommendations, and content — to deliver one personal experience that supports the complete customer journey.

Most comprehensive library of 150+ personalization strategies

Accelerate time to market with our strategy library that ranges from wisdom of the crowd and collaborative filtering approaches to deep learning visual discovery and NLP approaches.

Advanced merchandising

Cross-sell and upsell seamlessly by leveraging product attributes and compatibility data. Create automated recommendations and bundles that take the load off your merchandisers.

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Algorithmic decisioning for every user with real-time context

Leverage AI to detect each shopper’s stage in the buying process, and combine it with their affinities to pick the best strategy that delivers the most relevant 1:1 experience while meeting your revenue or engagement goals.

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