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Active Content

400+ Brands Have Elevated Digital Experiences 
with Our Personalization Solutions

Create your own reusable dynamic content blocks for omnichannel marketing campaigns

Automate the creation of personalized and optimized content, constantly updated in real-time based on individual customers’ on-site behavior and preferences

Bring your data to life by transforming diverse datasets into visually captivating content

Seamlessly integrate behavioral data, personalized recommendations, loyalty points, social proof messages, product reviews, and more into stunning visual experiences.

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Be relevant every moment through 1-to-1 personalization

Sit back, relax, and watch Active content pull data in real-time when the content is served to the user, be it email, mobile app, or social media. Ensuring that content is constantly updated and relevant.

Let your IT team focus on other things, leverage our user-friendly no-code-workflow

Let your creative ideas flow, a simple drag-and-drop dynamic content editor ensures zero dependency on IT teams. Creating a centralized repository of reusable  dynamic content blocks.

Ensure campaigns are launched swiftly, and no marketing opportunities are missed by minimizing the time to market for creative campaigns.

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Seamless omnichannel content delivery

Publish content with a simple URL, across marketing channels like email, mobile app, mobile ads, push notifications, WhatsApp and other social media.

Active Content integrates with your existing  MarTech stack and delivers value instantly. Active Content integrates with over 200+ marketing automation platforms.

Leverage the power of Algonomy’s Personalization Ecosystem

Get faster time to value as Active Content has out-of-the-box capability to integrate Algonomy’s Digital Experience Personalization suite like RecommendTM, EngageTM and Ensemble AI.

All future Digital Experience Personalization suite product innovation will only be enabled for omnichannel communication through Active Content.

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The Algonomy Advantage

Integrated offering

Algonomy’s offering is a true omni-channel personalization engine. We can drive personalization on web, mobile, and marketing channels like emails etc.

Only personalization solution with native design capability

Other recommendation and personalization solutions in the market lack native capabilities for marketers to combine multiple content, design layouts and content formatting for marketing channels.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

With other personalization products you’ll  require 3rd party tools to enable recommendations within marketing channels, increasing your overall TCO, and integration & management challenges.

What Leading Brands Say About Our Personalization Solutions

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Personalization Idea Library for Digital Commerce

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How Optimization Managers Can Harness ‘User Affinity Sorting’ to Fine-tune Their eCommerce Personalization Strategies

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Customer Data and Audience Management

Unlock unparalleled customer insights with Algonomy’s comprehensive solution. Seamlessly unify customer data across channels, leveraging AI-driven analytics to anticipate needs and personalize experiences. With over 400 leading brands already benefiting, elevate your marketing strategy and drive real-time hyper-personalization for impactful engagement.

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Omnichannel Campaign and Journey Orchestration

Build automated omnichannel campaigns for consistent brand experiences. Deliver personalized newsletters, retention campaigns, and triggers across channels. Optimize with AI for maximum response rates. Measure and optimize based on key KPIs. Elevate your marketing strategy with ease.

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Personalized Search and Product Discovery

Embrace self-learning search that understands user intent and context. Or flip the script by providing a guided search experience with a conversational assistant powered by ChatGPT. Improve discovery further by personalizing even the browse and navigation experience.

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Personalized Recommendations
 & Content

Personalize product recommendations, content, and offers to streamline the customer journey. Create unique, memorable guided shopping experiences with interactive quizzes. Further, provide social proof to build trust and help your customers buy confidently.

Active Content

Deliver the experience your customers want from you, consistently.
Without any need for your IT team’s bandwidth.

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