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Demand Forecasting and 
Auto-Inventory Replenishment with Hyperlocal Precision

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Leading retailers and brands across the globe have optimized their supply chain and merchandise planning and execution with Algonomy.

Accurate Replenishment Plans for Improved Inventory Management


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Shelf Availability

Effortlessly Adapt Replenishment Plans To Hyperlocal Demand Patterns And Supply Chain Dynamics

Maximize Accuracy by Going Hyperlocal

Leverage Algonomy’s unique ML-based algorithms that dynamically adjust to SKU-store level demand patterns and supply chain disruptions, delivering hyperlocal precision to replenishment plans.

Curb Cannibalization Chaos

Effectively handle in-store product cannibalization by dynamically balancing demand between products, considering promotions and availability. Automatically adjust replenishment levels up or down to align with the shifting market.

Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions

Safeguard your stores and warehouses from supply chain disruptions using adaptive self-learning models that optimize replenishment plans by modeling variations in lead times, fill rates, safety stock, and pending orders.

Optimize Multi-echelon Inventory

Automatically optimize inventory across the supply chain by supporting Direct Store Orders, Stock Transfer Orders as well as the Warehouse Orders.

Pre-empt Risks with Predictive Alerts

Mitigate future inventory headaches and maximize efficiency with predictive alerts for days of stock situations, excess stock, and expiring products, and take corrective action proactively.

End Manual Hassles

Handle data roadblocks such as sparse, noisy data, outliers, and new product introductions effortlessly with custom retail-tuned algorithms, freeing your team to focus on business.

Maximize Replenishment Accuracy to Elevate Supply Chain Outcomes

Higher Availability

Ensure your stores and warehouses never run out of stock with Order Right. Its unique hyperlocal forecasting and replenishment technique comprehends demand and supply fluctuations at the minutest product and location levels, enabling you to accurately predict future inventory needs and replenish accordingly.

Improved Inventory ROI

Achieve greater accuracy in replenishment planning with Order Right, giving you the freedom to operate with less inventory without risking stockouts. By reducing your inventory days, Order Right helps free up your cash flow and better manage your inventory.

Reduced Shrinkage And Wastage

Order Right’s ML based algorithms optimizes your order plans by considering not only demand factors but also supply-side factors like lead time and MOQ, as well as product-specific factors such as expiry date and shelf life. This comprehensive approach reduces shrinkage and wastage across the supply chain.

Enhanced Planning Efficiency and Transparency

Automate routine forecasting, replenishment, performance analysis, and more, with actionable insights delivered via a single unified interface to reduce man-hours and increase focus on strategic business decision-making.

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Take your replenishment planning to the next level with Order Right.

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Demand Forecasting and 

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