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Recommend™: Personalized Product Recommendations

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Leading retailers and brands across the globe have grown their revenue with Algonomy’s eCommerce personalization software.

Automatically Curate Individualized Recommendations that Boost Conversions and Revenues

Eliminate cold starts. Make use of explicit and implicit data inputs — including browsing and purchase behavior, product attributes, trends, geodata, inventory, and merchandising goals — to select the best recommendation strategy for every interaction.

Behavioral Decisioning Engine

Our patented Xen AI technology monitors shopper behavior in real time and selects the winner from our 150+ pre-built strategies for each customer interaction.

Product Recommendations - Behavioral Decisioning Engine
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Product Recommendations - Behavioral Decisioning Engine

DIY Strategy Builder

Leverage the industry’s only no-code DSW ‘Configurable Strategies’ to easily build, tune, or tweak algorithms that perform best for your unique business needs and customer scenarios, without burdening your data science team.

Customer Preference Center

Empower your customers to explicitly state their category, brand, and product preferences and use that data to tailor their experiences.

Personalized Recommendations - Customer Preference Center
Personalized Recommendations - Customer Preference Center
Recommendations Engine - Merchandising Controls
Deep Merchandising Controls

Strike the balance between auto-optimization driven by machine learning and business/brand objectives by setting the desired weights and rules. Optimize for the metrics most important to you by leaving the decision-making to AI.

Recommendations Engine - Merchandising Controls
Largest Library of Recommendation Models and Strategies

Overcome any personalization challenge with our library of 150+ out-of-the-box algorithms that include everything from collaborative filtering, similar item matching, and cross-sell strategies to deep learning models such as visual AI and NLP.

Product Recommendations - Audience Manager
Real-Time Segment Streaming with Audience Manager

With Audience Manager, an add-on feature, syndicate your audiences and segments throughout your entire marketing ecosystem with full control. Define your own segments, use any built-in AI segments, and even combine them to meet any requirement. Learn more

Product Recommendations - Audience Manager

Leverage AI-powered Decisioning for Commerce and Marketing

Create hyper-personalized experiences for both new and returning shoppers with a decisioning engine that picks the best recommendation strategy for each individual and their current context.

Solve for Fast-changing Catalog, Previously Unsolvable Scenarios

Leverage deep learning neural networks – NLP to generate relevant recommendations for niche or seasonal products and new launches, even without past purchase or browsing data. Use Visual AI for image-based recommendations for both similar products and complete-the-look.

Optimize and Automate Merchandising

Use advanced merchandising to make precise cross-sell, up-sell, as well as “complete the bundle” recommendations. Merchandise more of the catalog, use automated rules to save time, and automatically handle things like compatibility and stock churn.

Personalize Experiences Across Channels

Leverage online and offline data to create a unified, real-time user profile that forms the basis for hyper-personalization across channels, without losing any context.

Gain Decision and AI Transparency

Gauge the performance of every recommendation, know its impact on your chosen metrics, and get visibility into why an algorithm was chosen.

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Personalized Content & Promotions

Deliver hyper-personalized content and promotions to improve campaign performance, increase customer engagement, and reduce bounce rates.

Audience Manager

Real-Time Segment Streaming with Audience Manager

Omnichannel customer experiences become a reality when your segments exist wherever and whenever you need them.

Social Proofing

Live Activity Tracking and Badging

Increase engagement and conversion rates with urgency messaging based on real-time views, purchases, and inventory levels.

Deliver unique, contextual search results based on the individual shopper’s behavior. Eliminate instances of zero results with search that learns from the wisdom of crowds.

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Eliminate decision fatigue by presenting the most relevant products upfront and dynamically re-sorting category pages as per a shopper's real-time intent.

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Help shoppers find visually similar products and provide visually similar complete-the-look recommendations, using product images, and without manual merchandising.

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Provide smart upsell and cross-sell recommendations using deep learning techniques that leverage text descriptions. Surface relevant niche, seasonal, and long-tail products that otherwise remain buried due to lack of historical data.

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Increase engagement and conversion rates with customized urgency messaging based on real-time views, purchases, and inventory levels.

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What Leading Brands Say About Our eCommerce Personalization Software

Create Frictionless Experiences with Personalized Recommendations

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Drive Hyper-personalized Recommendations to Deepen Customer Loyalty


Support easy buying with individualized, behavioral-driven experiences that remove the friction from commerce across the customer lifecycle.
Deepen loyalty while increasing revenue and repeat purchases with complementary offers and recommendations that complete, enhance, or replenish.
Balance manual curation and automated optimization by combining the best of real-time AI-driven decisioning and the most advanced set of merchandising tools and configurations on the market.
Yes. Personalization should respect your business and merchandising commitments. Through a simple user interface, merchandisers can set custom weights for different attributes such as brand, category, price, newness, and more. In addition, personalization delays can be set to impact how quickly you want to influence search results.
The personalization software is equipped with an Experience Optimizer (XO) that selects the winning strategy based on the Unified User Profile Service (UPS), the chosen KPI — RPV, AOV, Conversion Lift, etc., shopper’s stage in the funnel. This AI-driven decisioning by XO ensures the highest performing strategy is chosen, and the most relevant products are shown to every shopper, without the need for manual merchandising.
Algonomy understands the unique needs of different retail segments and has proven expertise with the verticals of fashion & apparel, grocery and hypermarkets, convenience stores, restaurant/QSR, specialty, pharma & healthcare, beauty, consumer electronics, and more.
Yes, absolutely. We provide the industry’s only Experience Browser (XB) that provides instant transparency into why an experience was chosen for a given individual. The XB overlays right on top of your website, so you don’t have to leave your browser tab, and can audit AI decisions with a single click, and dig into the user profile, strategy evaluation, rules, and the process of recommendation selection.
You can use our advanced recommendation software DeepRecs™, which leverages product data to contextually recommend new, seasonal, and long-tail products that would’ve otherwise remained buried due to lack of historical events. DeepRecs NLP uses deep learning algorithms to analyze catalog descriptions, reviews, and other textual data to infer relationships between products. DeepRecs Visual AI extracts features from product images and identifies relevant items for a personal shopper experience, in fashion & apparel and furniture verticals.
Yes. Recommend allows for open-time personalization of emails. It lets you personalize the contents of an email based on when the email is opened — updating messaging and recommendations based on the latest activity, context, and purchases, while also checking the latest inventory levels. The aim is to eliminate redundant experiences, be it on emails or on digital channels.
Yes, we understand that you may have specific business objectives that require manual merchandising, e.g. promote high margin brands or ensure certain products are never recommended. While Recommend constantly optimizes and selects the best performing products, we also allow you to boost, restrict, or set manual rules to help you meet your business goals. However, we suggest respecting the AI engine and avoid setting up too many restrictive rules that can end up creating a sub-optimal experience for the shoppers.
The Advanced Merchandising feature adds an extra layer of intelligence and product knowledge to product recommendation — providing a scalable method of managing cross-sell, up-sell, and complete-the-bundle recommendations without having to manually merchandise every SKU.
Manual merchandising leaves recommendation slots unfilled when products go out of stock and new products either are not recommended or do not have recommendations until the merchandiser is able to get around to adding them. Advanced merchandising automatically fills slots when empty or swaps in new items.
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