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A US-based Outdoor Gear and Apparel Retailer Accelerates eCommerce Conversions with Social Proof Messaging

Case Study

A US-based Outdoor Gear and Apparel Retailer Accelerates eCommerce Conversions with Social Proof Messaging



Specialty Retail
(Outdoor Gear & Apparel)




Increase in adds-to-cart


Increase in orders


Increase in Revenue Per Visit

*Three social proof messages were tested on PDPs. Above are the results when compared to PDPs with no social proof message.


The client, a prominent American retailer, specializes in premium outdoor gear, apparel, expert guidance, and rental equipment. They operate an extensive network of physical stores and have a robust online presence, including a popular app.

The retailer was already personalizing eCommerce product recommendations and content for each shopper with Algonomy’s Recommend™ and Engage™, respectively. However, they sought to optimize the customer journey further.

The retailer wanted to leverage Social Proof to validate shoppers’ choices and help them buy with confidence—accelerating adds-to-cart, increasing order volumes, and boosting Revenue Per Visit (RPV) in the process.

Tapping into the Power of Social Proof Messages

The retailer deployed Algonomy’s Social Proof Messaging, a tool that leverages real-time catalog and shopper activity data to display social proof messages. These messages use powerful psychological triggers to nudge shoppers down the purchase funnel.

The client set up social proof messages on their Product Detail Pages (PDPs) with ease through the tool’s self-serve user interface.

The tool allows retailers to create multiple, fully customizable social proof experiences – each experience can be treated like a campaign with start and end dates. One can target all visitors or specific segments and contexts such as product attribute, cart value, and geo-location, among others.

In this case, the retailer chose to target shoppers landing on PDPs across all their product categories – camping, hiking, biking, running, fitness, etc.

The retailer created four variants of a social proof message such that each gets 25% of the traffic. The goal was to gauge shoppers’ response to each variant and determine which one outperformed the others and drove business metrics.

The retailer customized the look and feel of each variant using the tool’s pre-built templates. They could experiment with different designs, messages, and placements with easy test-and-control options.

As for the messages, the tool allows one to choose from an array of metrics such as Views Right Now, Views Today, Purchases in the Last Hour, Adds to Cart in the Last Hour, and more. One can also set minimum thresholds and priorities for the metrics to control when they appear.

In this case, the retailer decided to test the ‘Viewed Today’, ‘Added to Cart Today’, and ‘Purchased Today’ metrics, setting the threshold to 2 for each. Further, they customized the text for the metrics such that the social proof messages reflect their brand voice.

As for the placement, the retailer set them to appear just above the Add to Cart button on the PDPs.

All of the above was done by business users from marketing and merchandising teams without waiting on a scrum team or knowing how to code.

The Result

The retailer saw a tremendous lift in orders placed, adds-to-cart, and RPV for all three messages. Compared to the control group that didn’t see any message, the results were as follows:

Message – X people purchased today

  • 76% increase in adds-to-cart
  • 81% increase in orders
  • 53% increase in RPV

Message – X people added to cart today

  • 54% increase in adds-to-cart
  • 57% increase in orders
  • 39% increase in RPV

Message – X people viewed today

  • 31% increase in adds-to-cart
  • 34% increase in orders
  • 21% increase in RPV

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US-based Outdoor Gear Retailer Drives Conversions With Social Proof