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Algonomy Customer Summit 2021


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Customer Summit 2021: Next Begins Now

Algonomy Customer Summit 2021 was a virtual event for members of the retail community, held on October 13-14, 2021.

With a pertinent theme of Next Begins Now, the event brought industry luminaries, thought leaders, and experts together to discuss the algorithmic future of retail.

Why Watch the Sessions?

  • The Next in Strategy: Define your 2022 Vision by learning about the latest research, best practices, and road-tested tactics from the industry
  • The Next in Technology: Learn how to create new competitive advantages with disruptive tech and practices like Visual AI, self-learning eCommerce search, and more
  • The Next in Customer Experience: Learn about new and emerging customer trends and their implications for your business


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Company Name
  • All
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Blue Tomato
  • Cigars International
  • Forrester
  • Grocery Outlet
  • KFC Canada
  • Robinsons Retail
  • Verkkokauppa
Brendan Witcher

VP, Principal Analyst - Digital Business Strategy, Forrester

1Conditional Love: The Changing Laws of Customer Relevance for Retailers and Brands

Learn why insights, decisioning, and activation need to combine to create customer relevance that helps you stay on top of the minds of your digital customers.
Stephen Yap

CIO, Robinsons Retail

2Going Digital Inside-out: The Building Blocks

Learn why building a culture of experimentation is key to accelerating digital transformation in the rapidly evolving retail space.
Andreas Augustin

Head of Digital Customer Experience, Blue Tomato

3Curating Moments of WOW with Personalization

Learn about Blue Tomato’s recipe for success with personalization and how they are continually improving digital customer experience with real-time engagement.
Harrison Lewis

SVP and CIO, Grocery Outlet

4Why Digital-first Grocers Are Poised to Win

Learn how to accelerate the customer value potential with real-time interactions, and how the intersection of technology and marketing is resulting in high-velocity growth.
Matt LaBarre

Manager, Digital Analytics & Business Intelligence, Cigars International

5Personalized Marketing and Selling Journeys

The art of marketing and selling a niche product like cigars is challenging enough. To do it on a grand scale digitally takes consistent and precise personalization.
Anton Paasi

Head of ECommerce,

6Unlocking the Potential of Commerce Search

Learn how self-learning, personalized commerce search helped Finland’s most popular online store grow conversions by 31%.
Karan Malhotra

Data Analytics Manager, KFC Canada

7Data Agility to Manage Business Fluctuations

Learn how KFC integrated their customer data across channels and touchpoints to get a unified customer view and make insights-driven business decisions.
Bryan McMaster

Senior Director, Data Science & Analytics, Grocery Outlet

8Data Science at Work: Unique Supply Challenges and Their Algorithmic Solutions

Learn how data science, analytics, and AI-powered decisioning are helping solve a myriad of business challenges in the evolving grocery space.
Krithika Ganesamoorthi

Global Partner Tech Lead, Amazon Web Services

9Unlock Data Deluge, Step Into the Lakehouse

Data everywhere, but few insights. Learn how to overcome the challenges that hinder companies from creating competitive advantages through the use of their data.

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