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Personalization ROI Report

Achieve Up to 749% ROI Using Algonomy’s Omnichannel Personalization Suite

Learn how companies have used products from our Omnichannel Personalization Suite to increase conversion rates, basket sizes, and revenues.

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Why Read the Algonomy Personalization Suite ROI Whitepaper?

In a time when customer loyalty is hard to come by, businesses must possess the ability to deliver contextually relevant and individualized experiences, in real time, at every stage of the commerce journey. Only an algorithmic solution can deliver this kind of scale and precision.

That said, the primary hurdle when choosing an AI-powered personalization engine is convincing business leaders that the investment will generate a good ROI. Show them this: An independent research firm found that Algonomy’s clients generated an ROI of 749% with net present value benefits of close to $6 million.

This whitepaper presents the results of the research firm’s study of Algonomy’s clients, and all the benefits our customers reap through our Omnichannel Personalization Suite.

What You Will Learn from the Whitepaper

  • What challenges commerce businesses face when it comes to implementing omnichannel personalization.
  • How the Algonomy Personalization Suite helps businesses overcome these challenges and deliver powerful business outcomes.
  • Detailed growth figures on conversion rate, revenue, basket size, and customer engagement.
  • What overheads businesses can reduce by moving away from legacy vendor marketing software solutions.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about how our Omnichannel Personalization Suite can supercharge your business.

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