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Real-time Customer Profiles

Real-time Customer Profiles

Individualize every engagement by activating your audience in real-time

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Real-time Customer Profiles

Get Automatically Updated Profiles
for Real-time Engagement and Campaigns

Dynamic Profile Stitching

Break down data silos by unifying data—including behavioral, transactional, campaign response, eCommerce, and app—for a single view that truly reflects each customer’s tastes, preferences, and behaviors.

Identity Resolution & 3600 Customer View

Stitch together known logins with anonymized user identities using deterministic and probabilistic algorithms. Get a comprehensive view of the customer, complete with demographic data, purchase history, interests, activity timeline, and more. Create a list of customers similar to your chosen profile for campaigns.

Granular Insights for Deeper Understanding

Leverage actionable algorithms that replace guesswork with insight-driven decision-making. Access insights in real-time such as customer growth trends, geographic distribution, AOV by category, purchase funnel, top selling brands, and many dashboards and visualizations.

Real-time Audience Activation

Enable instant activation of your audience to drive personalized, journey-based customer engagement across online and offline channels, by connecting with external solutions.

Data Management

Easy, Scalable Data Management

From data onboarding to audience activation, manage it all with a marketer-friendly UI.

Audience Manager

Real-Time Segment Streaming with Audience Manager

Omnichannel customer experiences become a reality when your segments exist wherever and whenever you need them.


Connect the Spokes, Win with Omnichannel Personalization & Orchestration

Customers expect contextually relevant experiences no matter when and where they choose to engage with your brand.

Use real-time customer profiles to enable
hyper-personalized engagement in the moment.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Real-time Customer Profiles