Real-time Customer Profiles

Individualize every engagement by activating your audience in real-time

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Real-time Customer Profiles

Get Automatically Updated Profiles for Real-time Engagement and Campaigns

Dynamic Profile Stitching

Break down data silos by unifying data—including behavioral, transactional, campaign response, eCommerce, and app—for a single view that truly reflects each customer’s tastes, preferences, and behaviors.

Identity Resolution & 3600 Customer View

Stitch together known logins with anonymized user identities using deterministic and probabilistic algorithms. Get a comprehensive view of the customer, complete with demographic data, purchase history, interests, activity timeline, and more. Create a list of customers similar to your chosen profile for campaigns.

Granular Insights for Deeper Understanding

Leverage actionable algorithms that replace guesswork with insight-driven decision-making. Access insights in real-time such as customer growth trends, geographic distribution, AOV by category, purchase funnel, top selling brands, and many dashboards and visualizations.

Real-time Audience Activation

Enable instant activation of your audience to drive personalized, journey-based customer engagement across online and offline channels, by connecting with external solutions.

Hyper-personalize Everywhere, Every Time. Explore Our Digital Solutions

Real-time Customer Data Platform

Unify, segment, and activate your audience in real-time to drive meaningful engagement with Retail’s only Real-time Customer Data Platform.

Personalized Marketing and Customer Journeys

Activate life-stage marketing campaigns and personalized interactions to boost engagement, sales, and customer lifetime value.

Personalized Experiences for Digital Commerce

Personalize the touchpoints of search, browse, product recommendations, and content to improve conversions, basket size, and digital revenue.

Customers expect contextually relevant experiences no matter when and where they choose to engage with your brand.

Use real-time customer profiles to enable
hyper-personalized engagement in the moment.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Real-time Customer Profiles