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Audience Manager for Marketers

Audience Manager for Marketers

Get automated insights at speed to connect with your customers in-the-moment

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Leverage Pre-populated Segments or Create Custom Segments for Targeted Marketing

Enjoy Seamless Audience Discovery

Audience Discovery simplifies the discovery process with a simple point-and-click filtering. Sieve customers using attribute or browsing information and add events to create granular segments for targeted engagement.

Build Real-time Customer Segments

Create, manage, and use audience segment lists for personalized engagement in real-time. Define customer segments by choosing events for filtering using historical data or visitor schema, and display real-time audiences that fuel downstream marketing orchestration.

Benefit from Pre-built Automated Segments

Leverage pre-built segments created based on common use cases such as churn, cart abandonment, activity, order value, and many such attributes to drive targeted engagement. Filter segments, modify segment conditions, and customize to suit your specific use case and targeting requirement.

Use the Segments for Campaign Orchestration

Use your segments to activate audiences to all downstream destinations – for personalization, cross-channel marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, and other use cases. Select fields and frequency of sharing based on data need.

Improve Customer Loyalty and Lifetime Value

Drive in-the-moment engagement, on your customers’ preferred channels, with highly contextual and hyper-personalized campaigns. Leverage constantly competing, behavioral algorithms that optimize segmentation strategies in real time.

  • Campaign audiences automatically built by combining marketer goals with customer behavior, affinity, and preferences using advanced algorithms.
  • AI that orchestrates customer journeys and activation across touchpoints with continuous experimentation and testing.
  • A content hub that dynamically brings together data across sources to generate holistic, contextual visual content personalized for each customer.
  • A data platform where 360-degree customer profiles are continuously built, augmented, enriched, and made available in real time.
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Boost Engagement, Conversion Rates, and Order Values

Deliver highly personalized experiences, powered by a patented, industry leading AI decisioning platform.

  • Personalize the end-to-end customer experience, from search or browse, extending through the cart and checkout phases, all the way to post-purchase service.
  • Deliver fully customized and guided experiences that go beyond individual product recommendations, to fully personalized outfits, bundles, social proof, and other interactive experiences.
  • Leverage a unique personalized search platform tailored to B2C and B2B commerce use cases.
  • Enjoy automated catalog enrichment, powered by ChatGPT and LLM algorithms, as a significant value add to merchandisers, marketers, and analytics.
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Take the Guesswork out of your Merchandising and Supply Chain Decisions

Elevate shopper experiences, step up your inventory game, achieve profitable growth and accelerate time-to-insight with AI-powered hyperlocal optimizations, seamless automation, groundbreaking collaboration and ready-to-roll analytics.

  • Best-in-class demand forecasting AI platform, to power predictive decisions across the retail category planning and management
  • Specialized, advanced analytics and algorithms that optimize assortment planning, buying and allocation, promotions, and markdowns.
  • Built-for-retail AI that powers inventory and replenishment decisions, , designed to optimize inventory productivity and enhance availability of SKUs across stores, locations and channels.
  • Unique supplier collaboration capabilities for integrated category and supply chain management with your brand and supply partners.
  • Business Intelligence platform built for retail scale with role-based analytics for category managers, buyers, planners, and site (eCommerce) merchants.
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