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Personalization Playbook

Personalization Idea Library for Digital Commerce

Get actionable tactics for eCommerce personalization, with 20+ real examples from the retail verticals of grocery, fashion, beauty, electronics, specialty, and more.

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Why Read this Personalization Idea Library?

eCommerce businesses can no longer limit their personalization strategy to just product recommendations. They must focus on improving product discovery based on the customer’s stage in the buying journey. Today’s retail leaders should transform their web stores into digital destinations that not just sell, but also engage, guide, and inspire.

Marketing, eCommerce, and customer experience teams need to evolve from personas and segments to an approach that considers an individual’s complete context, in real-time.

This guide provides you with unique real-world commerce personalization applications that can provide you disproportionate returns on your investments. These use cases are proven to drive engagement, grow conversions and basket sizes, and help you become more relevant to each individual shopper’s context, preferences, and needs, in real-time.

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Retail idea library with 20+ unique personalization examples from grocery, fashion, specialty, electronics, DIY, beauty & more

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Personalization Playbook