Focus on the Customer Profile

Find redefines the online search experience for eCommerce by delivering unique, real-time contextual results based on actual customer intent, behaviors, and preferences.

customer engagement
Use behavioral data to personalize results

Leverage the shopper’s intent for every query. Boost engagement and conversion rates by linking the individual’s behavior and real-time profile to their search query results, in real time. No two searchers will see the same results – by design.

Visually engage and delight

Deliver a visually engaging, immersive site search experience, returning new products and keywords with every keystroke, continuously refining the items displayed onscreen as the shopper completes their search.

More finding, less searching

Searching is not the same as finding, and our research proves that customer engagement and conversions drop precipitously after the first result page. Find uses AI and machine learning to display the most relevant items in your catalog up front, increasing satisfaction and revenue with every query.

Drive Higher Engagement with More Control and Interactivity

Combine visually dynamic search with self-driving AI. Layer it with advanced business controls for the most eCommerce ready search. Find helps retailers and brands further their business objectives while delivering the relevant results and experience customers demand.

Particle element

Powerful boosting and filtering

Ensure business goals are met, and users searches are successful, by leveraging conditional boosting, burying, filtering, and search term linking.

Combined content and catalog search results

Engage customers by returning not just the most relevant products but also related informational content. Integrate brand videos, blogs, recipes, and guides with the results to create the optimal experience.

Machine learning search algorithms

Machine learning search algorithms

Continuously improve your search results with machine learning search algorithms that leverage wisdom of the crowd and other strategies. Expand the synonym library based on the users’ previous searches and behavior, to avoid “no results” and ensure relevance.

Algonomy Real-time catalog updates

Real-time catalog updates

Ensure your commerce catalog is indexed in real time, so that shoppers get the latest information on price, availability and other attributes. Make obsolete and irrelevant results a thing of the past.

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Personalized Browse and Navigation
Personalized Browse and Navigation

Dynamically predict and display products, brands and categories that match a customer’s preferences as they shop, in real time, accelerating product discovery

Personalized Recommendations
Personalized Recommendations

Create relevant, seamless and personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints, driving significant click thru and lift in conversion.

Personalized Content and Promotions
Personalized Content and Promotions

Deliver highly personalized content and promotions that improve campaign performance, increase customer engagement and reduce bounce rates

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