Engage Customers with the Right Content at the Right Time

Automatically map individual customer behavior against advanced targeting and audience segmentation. Display the right promotions and content at the individual level with maximum precision and minimal effort.

Mobile and in-app personalization
Don’t guess - let your data decide on content that drives revenues

Leverage data-driven content personalization with machine learning; auto-optimize and eliminate tedious manual A/B tests.

Create dynamic experiences for your customers

Our powerful set of templates and triggers can help you configure and customize personalized messages using overlays, embeds, pop-ups, landing pages, and other CTA layouts on demand.

Captivate your customers with personalized content experiences

Engage and delight with segments extended to individual content, optimize and track for conversions.

Restaurant-focused algorithms
Particle element

Dynamic segments

Map real-time, individual customer behavior against advanced targeting and segmentation tools.

Embedded recommendations

Embed personalized product recommendations within content to increase engagement and conversions.

Machine learning search algorithms

Segment Export

Easily build and export custom-built segments to external sources such as your email provider (ESP), triggering personalized emails with targeted content.

Algonomy Real-time catalog updates

Dashboard for Experience Insights and Analytics

Measure and optimize campaigns based on the KPIs that matter most to your brand and marketing teams.

Personalized Behavioral Recommendation
Particle element

Content Tag management

Build digital marketing campaigns efficiently by applying tags to content from similar cohorts

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Personalized search
Personalized search

Deliver a rich, interactive and personalized experience that connects shoppers with the most relevant search results by matching user intent with preferences and wisdom of crowds.

Personalized product recommendations
Personalized product recommendations

Create relevant, seamless and personalized shopping experiences across all touchpoints, driving significant engagement and lift in conversions.

Personalized content and promotions
Personalized content and promotions

Deliver highly personalized content and promotions that improve campaign performance, increase customer engagement and reduce bounce rates

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