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B2B Find™: Personalized eCommerce Search

Deliver exceptional, B2C-like personalized experiences to your B2B shoppers.

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Leading B2B brands across the globe have grown their revenue with Algonomy’s eCommerce personalization software.

Embrace Search that Curates Experiences based on the Shopper's Contracted Products and Pricing, as well as their Individual Preferences

Control Category and Product Visibility

Your client may have multiple shopper groups, each with a designated buyer who makes purchases for the group. These groups may have specific viewing permissions for categories and products, sometimes with overlaps. Our platform considers such hierarchies of visibility rules before displaying results.

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Enable Search-time Pricing and Availability

B2B Find™ accommodates scenarios where pricing and product availability data might not be indexed in the catalog. When a shopper initiates a search, the platform allows you to query an external system and send the information as part of the request, in real time, as though the information was already indexed.

Leverage a host of Machine Learning Search Algorithms

Use strategies such as ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’, which refines results by forming associations between shoppers’ search queries and what they view or purchase subsequently. Or integrate with ChatGPT to show results for related searches in addition to results for the main query.

Surface Product Packages to Improve Order Value

In addition to surfacing individual products in search results, show packages that bundle the desired product with compatible or complementary products to increase order value and revenue per visit. What’s more, packages adhere to visibility rules and are CNET-compliant.

Enable Shoppers to find Archived Products

Your product catalog may undergo frequent updates, sometimes faster than B2B contracts are adjusted. Our platform enables shoppers to find and purchase withdrawn products still under contract by their product number, even if they no longer appear in regular search results.

Unlock the True Potential of Search Personalization in B2B Commerce

Use Behavioral Data to Personalize Results

Boost engagement and conversion rates by delivering unique, contextual results based on a shopper’s intent behind the search query, as well as their real-time behaviors across recommendations, content, and more.

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Leverage Powerful Boosting and Filtering

Ensure user searches are successful and your business goals are met, by leveraging conditional boosting, burying, filtering, and search term linking.

Integrate Engaging Content in Search Results

Engage customers by returning not just the most relevant products but also related informational content. Integrate brand videos, blogs, and guides with the results to create memorable shopping moments.

Visually Engage and Delight with Autocomplete

Deliver a visually engaging, immersive search experience, returning new products and keywords with every keystroke, and continuously refining the items displayed onscreen as the shopper types their search query. Autocomplete adheres to the same visibility rules that govern search.

The Algonomy Advantage

Near Real-time Catalog Updates and Observability

Enjoy fully automated, near real-time catalog updates, with continuous data exchange between B2B Find™ and your eCommerce platform. Get complete visibility into the status of catalog updates—including when they are successful, when they have failed and why—through a set of REST APIs.

Assortments to Accelerate Shopping Journeys

Enable merchandisers as well as your shoppers to create assortments or curated item lists. For instance, a merchant could create an assortment to guide shoppers to the best deals. Or a shopper could create a “favorites” list to find relevant products quickly.

Seamless Integration with PIM and ERP Platforms

B2B Find™ integrates with PIM and other product content management platforms—such as 1WorldSync, CNET, and EnterWorks—to reduce manual effort in managing catalog data. It also integrates with your ERP to ensure product availability to shoppers.

Custom-built for B2B Commerce

We understand the unique challenges faced by B2B commerce. In addition to a shopper’s behavioral and transactional data, our search also considers their contract terms and membership tier before surfacing products and pricing information.

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Drive Better Outcomes with Search that understands the unique needs of your B2B business

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Our research revealed that 50% of people can’t find what they’re looking for when they search. Personalized, self-learning search results significantly boost product discovery, making it a crucial strategy for digital revenue growth.
Find uses a metric known as Findability™ Score that considers click thru, pagination, and bounce rate to quantify the success of each search query. Since the goal is to help shoppers get to what they’re searching for as quickly as possible, Findability increases the shorter their journey is. This enables marketers to measure and optimize results to maximize conversions and revenues.
Find™ has real-time business controls to blend personalization, Wisdom of Crowds, and specific business objectives such as merchandising and margin management.
Yes. Personalization should respect your business and merchandising commitments. Through a simple user interface, merchandisers can set custom weights for different attributes such as brand, category, price, newness, and more. In addition, personalization delays can be set to impact how quickly you want to influence search results.
B2B Find™ can handle a catalog size of tens of millions of products with support for 30 different languages.
Our catalog system has an advanced differencing engine that is able to detect what has changed and then send only those changes for updates. The feature is unique in the industry, enabling retailers to keep catalog data such as product inventory and pricing always updated regardless of the catalog size.
Most systems in the market support either large-scale or near real-time updates. B2B Find™, however, can support both.
Your site may aggregate long-standing independent merchants into a larger eCommerce site. In these cases, loyal shoppers of these merchants may be familiar with the merchant’s product nomenclature. Even though the eCommerce site may have common nomenclature, B2B Find™ allows merchants to support search and filter on merchant-specific nomenclature. This allows merchants to continue to serve their loyal shoppers.
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