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QSR – Algorithmic Customer Experience & Operational Excellence

QSR – Algorithmic Customer Experience & Operational Excellence

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Mobile apps are the new storefronts for QSRs. Real-time Personalization is the key ingredient to provide a differentiated experience that sets you apart.

Wouldn’t it be great if quick service restaurants could engage with patrons at a personal level, know what they like and send offers based on their preferences? With mobile app personalization, you can do just that.

Now it’s about lunchtime and Jane is thinking of ordering food. Just then she receives an SMS. It’s a special offer from Daily Bites, a quick service restaurant. Jane is interested. She follows the link in the message to install the daily bites app. The app encourages her to register with an offer she can’t resist. They’re done. Jane browses through the menu and decides to have a chicken pizza. She adds a pizza to the cart. The app instantly cross sells an iced tea and fries based on lookalike in affinity models. She also receives coupons along with the recommendation. Jane can’t wait to get her order.

It’s the weekend and Jane is driving through Holloway. The app detects this and sends her a promotional offer through SMS. Jane orders her favourite pizza and heads to the nearest Daily Bites drive in to be greeted by the attendant who already knows her name. The attendant knows what Jane likes and offers her product recommendations. Jane is pleased with the experience.

A few months pass in Daily Bites has not heard from Jane. The system sends Jane an offer through SMS. Jane accepts the offer and opens the app. The app displays a personalized menu based on Jane’s purchase history. It’s chicken pizzas for Jane again. Jane is happy that daily bite remembered everything she liked. Jane is distracted and forgets to order. The app reminds her that she has items in her cart through a notification.

With mobile app personalization, you know a little more about the patron each time they order. You know what they like or the portions they are likely to order. And this helps the app push relevant offers based on customer’s persona. In this case, Jane sees a BOGO offer on top of her screen and the family meal offer gets moved down with the mobile app personalization for quick service restaurants you get to enhance your patrons experience in cater to them individually. And that makes them feel really special.

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