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Create personalized bundles with advanced merchandising

Create personalized bundles with advanced merchandising

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As customers search, browse and add products to their cart, real-time behavior can be used to provide AI driven cross-category product recommendations and automated bundling. Commonly used to build conviction, drive cross-sell and upsell, while reducing the burden on manual merchandising.

We’re all familiar with Amazon’s recommendations on products related to this item and people who bought this also bought. What I want to show here are cross sell and upsell tactics using advanced merchandising in our recommend offering, we use various product attributes to add a layer of intelligence to the behavioural data, and provide automated bundling and cross sell recommendations to shoppers.

I am on CDW’s ecommerce website. And they are leveraging RichRelevance’s(now Algonomy) personalized search and personalized recommend with the advanced merchandising feature. So I’ve searched for MacBook Air 13 inches, and on the product detail page, I automatically see a bundle being suggested. Scrolling down there’s also a similar items section with variants of the main product. At the bottom of the page, I see other accessories I am likely to need, such as an adapter and converter cables. And this is through another one of our prebuilt algorithms that has been selected automatically based on CDW’s stated KPIs.

Let’s go back to the similar items section where advanced merchandising is used to promote products that have a feature set similar to the product I searched for. This MacBook has a higher storage capacity, higher screen size, and there are other similar products with different price points. So they are helping me continue my research and arrive at a decision. In this section, I see a bundle which includes a compatible dock as well as the software I will need with this laptop. If I go ahead and add this laptop to my cart, I see more relevant accessories such as software, laptop case for the selected size, and also extended service. There are related cross sell items here and an easy add item button on the same screen to minimize clicks. This kind of bundling is very useful and reduces the burden of manual merchandising. Once your merchandiser is create the bundles at the top level, and define their metrics, AI will select the best bundles for every scenario automatically. These recommendations not only help build conviction and drive conversion by curating a very relevant set of similar items, but also improves average order value by becoming the one stop shop for the customer. Here’s another example of advanced merchandising from the apparel vertical.

Now I am looking at this blue jacket. And based on my real time behaviour AI is suggesting a matching top, pants that are made of the same fabric and shoes and accessories that complete the look and doing so we also provide complete merchandising controls. So you can set brand and business commitments and define any cross sell or category related objectives.

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