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Personalize home page easily with every interaction

Personalize home page easily with every interaction

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Is your landing page one-size-fits-all? Re-ranking and re-arranging content based on each shopper’s behavior makes their purchase journeys worthwhile, and you make much better use of the limited space. Watch how this electronics retailer is personalizing content based on in-session signals.

Your website homepage is the front door of your brand’s commerce store. And there’s immense value in making the first interaction warm and personalized. Here’s an example of content personalization from our customer Verkkokauppa, Finland’s largest and most visited online retailer. In online commerce. It’s important to make the best use of limited space and show brands and product categories that matter most to that shopper based on their affinities. Verkkokauppa, has used RichRelevance’s(now Algonomy) content solution engage to personalize brands at the bottom of their homepage. You can see some quick links here that help shoppers go to the popular brands or brands that they are promoting.

Now, I am shopping in incognito mode. But as I give the site digital signals, by clicking and searching for products from specific brands, you’ll see those brands show up here at the bottom. So later when I come back to the homepage to look for new products from Canon or Sony PlayStation or Samsung, I can click on that direct link and go to the cool products from that brand. Right now, you see Apple, HP, Lenovo, Electrolux here. But let’s say I’m not interested in products from these companies. So I scroll up here, and I’m going to click on this Sony PlayStation. Now this click sends a signal to RichRelevance(now Algonomy). And its robust segmentation service creates a real time segment that identifies this particular shopper as having an affinity towards Sony ps4.

Now when I get back to the homepage, and go to the bottom brand section, I now see PlayStation as one of the brands displayed for me. Let me scroll up to see what else has changed. I start seeing more Sony PlayStation products throughout the page, including the recommendation sections, and that’s very interesting.

Now let me go to the laptop category through the menu. I scroll down the page, and this one from Asus catches my attention. I view this laptop briefly and go back to the homepage. I just signalled an affinity towards Asus products. And now you see Asus logo showing at the bottom brands menu. And the PlayStation logo is still there. There are of course the other brands that Verkkokauppa is promoting right now. This is important because as I come back to the site later, I will have a quick way of navigating straight to my favourite brands, rather than seeing the default list.

As you can imagine, this is a lot more valuable on the mobile website and mobile app where the screen space is extremely limited. You can go and check out the homepage experience of on your smartphones.

Another application of this could be to personalize categories. For example, gaming and PC categories will start showing for me because I showed an affinity towards these. This is just one of the examples of personalization. As you start moving away from a single version of homepage for your web store. And it works no matter what vertical you’re in fashion apparel, grocery beauty, or b2b.

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