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How has Algonomy helped you

How has Algonomy helped you

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Listen to Algonomy customers explain how we help them achieve their goals.

Andreas Augustin (BLUE TOMATO):
RichRelevance(now Algonomy) helped us by trying to understand what the customer wants to achieve and adopt the recommendations from a customer view. And let’s a little bit let loose inside the company, and with a little bit of trust in algorithms. And it really shows that whenever the algorithms tried to recommend perfect matches or products, the recommendations were on the quality level where our internal responsible people really liked the results in a way that they said, this is something that we would have done manually as well.

Lionel Devidal (LEROY MERLIN):
I would say that RichRelevance(now Algonomy) help us to figure out that sometimes machine would provide us better results than man, confronting both human and machine results, we can just base this on fact, and then we start to be a data driven company. And I would say that the first results, RichRelevance(now Algonomy) bring us to, to show this and to make us going in this way, we want to personalize the whole customer journey. So we need to be present with rituals on each step of the procedure.

Douglas De Santi (RIACHUELO):
So RichRelevance(now Algonomy) have this a lot specially on search ordering products in our categories. We were trying to make it much more deep and much more are thoughtful. And the way that discover solve this challenge was very interesting because the tool is very easy to use, very easy to manage. And I was personally searching for a product like that for a very long time. So I’m very happy with the solution that we were offered.

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