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Vendor Link – Switch On Supplier Collaboration

Vendor Link – Switch On Supplier Collaboration

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With Vendor Link, retailers can transform supplier relationships with a cloud-based next gen supplier collaboration platform.

Make every supplier a strategic partner and optimize your supplier ecosystem at every point in the supply chain journey.

Vendor Link helps you create an intelligent supplier network by combining process automation with data insights, on a self service online supplier portal.

Imagine your merchandisers know exactly what your shopper will walk in for.

Now, if your suppliers knew as well, it would ensure that the right product is waiting on the right shelf for each of your shoppers always. Isn’t that perfect. That’s vendor link for you. An analytics-based supplier collaboration platform that streamlines all processes between retailer and supplier.

Vendor link automates retail processes and provides unparalleled visibility across the entire Supplier Lifecycle. With vendor link, you can consolidate all supplier and product related information, integrate the order to pay cycle with trading partners, plan promotions, recover deal funds, and even rate supplier performance. With vendor link. You have transparency and insight driven alternatives every single time you need to take a decision. To add to that vendor link enables the sharing of actionable retail insights on products, categories and shopping behavior with suppliers.

How does integrated collaboration impact your profit margins by approximately 4%. And of course, you can expect increased and eternal shopper and Banner loyalty. Vendor links capabilities can be yours right now. You can choose the modules you need today and add more as you grow.

Just switch on and activate shopper demand.

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