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Enable seamless shopping and product discovery

Enable seamless shopping and product discovery

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Online grocery retail has its own challenges, as customers behave differently from other verticals. Here’s how can you reduce friction, and help customers find what they are looking for with e-commerce search.

In this example, I will show you how contextual search improves the online grocery shopping experience. This vertical is different from other retail verticals, in terms of how people buy, and what kind of experience customers expect.

First, customers will typically buy from the category page itself, and there is very little use of the product detail page. So the category page and search results page has to be done right. Second, analytics show a negative correlation between time spent and loyalty. That means the faster the customer is able to build their basket, the more likely they are to return and buy from you. So, the challenge is, how can you help customers quickly find what they’re looking for with limited browsing data. This is where our E commerce sites Search helps.

So let me show you an example. I use the search bar to find milk and instantly as I type keystroke by keystroke, autocomplete is populating the top terms and categories, and even brands such as Milo related to the search term. The results show me milk from the two brands I have clicked on in the past, Almarai – Al Rawabi. And this makes shopping easy for me. I also have the option of sorting by a different criteria, such as price to meet my current needs. As you can see, there are over 500 results to display. So, this reranking for an individual’s context and affinities becomes critical so they can find things quickly. In addition, we provide merchandising controls, as well as boosting and burying options for you to retain control over what’s displayed based on busyness brand, or category objectives. In addition to this, there is the Add to Cart button here, which is accelerating buying and improving the conversion rate.

A second example is here from Coop, one of our grocery clients from Sweden. I’m searching for pasta here, and the results returned are very relevant and include sauces as well as pasta meal kits. And it’s convenient for me to add the products to the cart. Another interesting thing is the content that is recipes based on my search term. So you get not only personalized products, but also personalized recipes to engage and inspire me. And a subsequent example will show you how another grocery client of ours is taking this one step further and providing the option to buy all the ingredients for a given recipe.

To conclude this example, what have we achieved, we are reducing time spent in searching, improving click through rate and conversions, and improving find ability tremendously, which is a key metric and grocery since bottom was search results can be really daunting.

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