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Switch on Analytics

Switch on Analytics

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To fulfill every customer expectation in an omni-channel world, retail and CPG organizations need analytics instantly on-demand, accessible anywhere, with the ability to quickly find answers, drive decision making and execution, in real time. With Manthan’s(now Algonomy) cloud-based analytics solutions you can Switch On your omni-channel game.

Across the world shoppers are discovering new ways to shop. They are getting smarter every passing day. But what about the retailer? Has he changed how he interacts with the shopper? Is his merchandising now customer centric? Can he plan localized assortment? Does he have access to Predictive personalization? Or is he getting a little bogged down with legacy systems that worked great yesterday, but just can’t keep pace with today’s shopper? So how can the retailer develop the speed, agility and intelligence needed to satisfy the new shopper?

Leading retailers worldwide have discovered that the scalability on demand availability and huge volume of data on the cloud is a million times more effective today than on premises solutions. Analytic services on the cloud can also be delivered to every role in the retail organization. So that every role in retail has access to analytics solutions that can analyze each scenario, make predictive recommendations and execute those decisions. And we have made all of these capabilities available on the same weapon that the shopper is using the phone. All you need to do now is switch on and instantly everyone in your organization is in tune with shopper expectations. You know each customer, you can personalize, you can deliver your offers. There’s so much you can do now with analytics all real time. That’s switch on advanced, scalable, user friendly analytics solutions for retail all on demand on the cloud. These are solutions trusted by over 170 retailers and CPG organizations worldwide. Brought to you by the analytics people who understand retail best.

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