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Customer360 Switch on Omnipresence

Customer360 Switch on Omnipresence

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Be on every channel on your customer’s path to purchase.

Customer360 is a comprehensive, cloud-based customer analytics solution that brings marketers an intimate understanding of customers to drive share-of-wallet, basket value, customer stickiness and campaign effectiveness.

Switch on this customer analytics solution in 2 hours.

These are exciting times for the marketer, you can interact with the evolving consumer on multiple channels reach them with rich content, hear what they have to say to understand behavior and sentiment, but these are also challenging times for the marketer.

How do you follow all these conversations? How do you analyses them? How do you respond intelligently and in real time to each of them and bring them the product and offer they truly desire?

That is what customer 360 from Manthan(now Algonomy) does customer 360 helps marketers understand each consumer and create campaigns that have the best chance of success.

Shortlist the right customers, choose the right offer, identify the right channels and the time they prefer to interact and then at a push of a button, execute the campaign across email, mobile, social media, text, ecommerce or direct mail.

Now this is truly personalized Omni channel engagement. Customer 360 brings together advanced math machine learning social marketing engines and mobility tools, yet it is designed for daily use by marketers.

Today, marketers in 19 countries use customer 360 to help them drive real business outcomes like improving customer retention, expanding share of wallet and increasing basket value and customer 360 does all of that by understanding and treating each of your customers as an individual customer. 360 is now available on the cloud. Just switch on and start delighting customers.

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