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Customer Analytics for Restaurants

Customer Analytics for Restaurants

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Algonomy offers customer analytics solutions for restaurants to increase profits and scale up your business. With our restaurant analytics data, you can effectively target and engage customers with actionable segments, personalized marketing communications and offerings.

Restaurant chains, irrespective of the format or size are experiencing several challenges in growing revenues and profits. The challenges typically stem out of changing lifestyles, taste preferences and increased competition. The result same store revenue growth is in single digits for most restaurant chains in mature markets.

There are four levers to increase revenues and profits. Get more people inside the store, make them buy more items, introduce new products and recipes. Finally, get them to come for different meals.

Traditionally, restaurant marketers relied on costly above the line marketing to help them achieve these goals. But in today’s world of the distracted picky customer, these tactics are not effective.

Targeted, personalized and contextually appropriate one to one marketing is the key to motivating guests to change their behavior. Manthan’s (Now Algonomy) customer analytics empowers restaurant marketers to consistently execute personalized omni channel campaigns that change customer behavior to positively impact revenue and loyalty.

Manthan (Now Algonomy) customer analytics is built for the smart marketer. It brings together customer data from a wide range of enterprise and external systems and builds a single view of every customer. Demographic, campaign, preferences and loyalty data form the basis of intelligent marketing and personalization.

Smart marketers understand that not all customers are the same. They have different tastes, preference and motivations. Manthan (Now Algonomy) customer analytics solution helps marketers easily cluster customers into actionable segments based on their purchase behavior, relationship lifecycle or loyalty. Marketers can optimize their marketing campaigns for different segments based on the unique characteristics.

They can further personalize the promotions to customers based on individual taste meal or promotion preference, the customer analytics solution packages recommendation engines and email scripting capabilities that enables marketers to personalize offers and content easily. These personalized promotions can be delivered over email, mobile apps, text notifications, in store kiosks and online ordering portals.

The final piece of one to one marketing is being contextually relevant, sending promotional message when the customer is close to the store or inside the store will positively impact traffic and volume of purchase. On the other hand, sending messages at the right time of the day when the customer is at home for example, can change the meal choice the customer makes.

If you are interested in transforming your marketing to deliver on your growth and loyalty goals reach out to us to learn why some of the leading restaurant brands in the world rely on Manthan solutions (Now Algonomy).

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