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Algonomy – Atea

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Listen to RichRelevance(now Algonomy) customer, Atea, explain how we help them achieve their goals.

My name is Alan Bo Christian. I’m a digital business developer at ATEA. Working with personalization across our E-shop in all seven countries. And ATEA is the market leader in IT infrastructure across the entire Nordics and Baltics, covering public, commercial and enterprise customers. We have an E-shop with more than 250,000 products in each country, generating more than 1 million e-orders a year.

Many of our customers have 1000s of users were restricted and can only buy from various products. So some of them are set by their internal IT or by contractual agreements such as public tenders. Looking at the landscape of personalization, it was clear to us that RichRelevance(now Algonomy) was at the forefront of the technology, and had the right mindset to challenge the b2b complexities that we have.

Our main challenge was to figure out how to handle the complexity of b2b while creating a personalized experience with increased revenue and basket size. In many cases, you’ll have to choose between one or the other. But with returns we’ve managed to find the optimal solution, ensuring that we create value throughout the customer journey and have gotten great feedback from our customers and sales using ritual and to personalize the customer journey primarily with product recommendations throughout the search and navigation and especially on product detail page.

We’ve actually seen the customers are trusting our recommendations now are getting more involved. With the content that we’re recommending, what this means is that we’re seeing like higher product engagement. And we have previously with our setup, and we’re seeing an increase in basket size and quantity with up to 20%. This means that we’re actually creating a lot more value to our customers that we’ve done previously, across the platform, which is really valuable for us.

We’re now collaborating on several projects, and doing great co development, trying to push each other’s limits in order to succeed and to find the synergies that we can have in our partnership with the experience browser, we can now enable admins in different countries to gain insights in the underlying AI and get an understanding of how their rules and setup works and affect their customers.

A crucial aspect for us when integrating personalization, new areas of our customer journey is to ensure that we understand our customers demand and behavioral trends before integrating the solution. By using our analytical insights, we’re able to foresee behavioral trends, and integrate personalization where customers are struggling or able to gain the most value. We’re trying to push the limit of personalization in the future. We’re trying to ensure that personalization will be a part of our entire platform and our different channels, making sure that we have an automated setup, relying on feedback and insights from customers and experienced pros and other ritual and tools. So we can provide the best and create the most value for our customers.

One of the things that we’re working with right now is trying to integrate personalization into 100% automated email, making sure that we are recommending both products and engaging our users with content. We’re excited about the future with rich relevance improving our customers journey and making all platforms more personal on a one to one level so we ensure to create more value.

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