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Algonomy Personalization

Algonomy Personalization

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Working with the RichRelevance(now Algonomy) marketing teams, XPLANE developed the story and designed this video showcasing RichRelevance’s(now Algonomy) unique technology capabilities for prospective customers, media, and investors.

Consumers generate mountains of data, and that is only going to grow. Weaving this data together to personalize every touchpoint for the consumer is the personalization fabric.

Personalization is far more than manually serving up recommendations. It’s optimizing placement of recommendations. By knowing where a shopper came from, and understanding structured product relationships in addition to behavioral recommendations. It’s sending the right email to a consumer rather than blasting static content.

Personalization rebuilds pages in real time to match consumer preferences and automatically chooses the right creative for promotion. Personalization organizes results by historic behavior and brand preferences and selects the ad that will drive sales.

There is only one partner with the infrastructure, performance and expertise to utilize all of your consumer data online and offline to flawlessly optimize every touchpoint.

RichRelevance(now Algonomy); Number one in omni channel personalization.

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