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Accenture overview

Accenture overview

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Jeriad Zoghby, Accenture’s Managing Director and Global Lead of Personalization, discusses market trends and how Accenture defines personalization.

Move from a buzzword and a concept to an actual platform concept. And so, for Accenture, we feel like we have to make sure that people don’t think of it as a cross sell or upsell mechanism or as a right product, right place, right time. Those are very outdated concepts. It’s really not about making it easy for people to bind, consume, what they want, how and when they want it. And so personalization needs to have that as its ultimate goal.

we’ve transitioned from 50,000 foot stores, a square foot stores with 100,000 products, to 10 million products on a four inch screen. So companies recognize that the few companies who do this really well are the people who are competing the best in the market. And they feel like they have to make that effort to do this. And it’s the way they use data to not only make it easier for their customers, but also to actually drive better performance across the platform.

What we’re seeing is that most companies, if not all, are doing personalization initiatives today, the challenge is how they start to do it at scale. And we’ve noticed that there’s three things with boil it down to that are holding them back. The first one is orchestration, really how do the various tools that they have worked together to create a seamless experience across channels? The second one is the organization right? Do I have enough people to actually do this work? And do I have the right culture? So big change to go from planning stuff out for segments over a couple of weeks or a couple of months for traditional campaign processes to teaching a system, how to interact with your customers in a personal way? And the third is operationalizing it. How do I start to do this at scale requires governance, operating models, processes that need to be baked into everything I do around my campaign platforms, my commerce engines and my content systems to make sure that everybody’s receiving the same thing, the same personalized experience at scale.

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