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Elevate shopper experience, maximize availability, and make margins grow – all at once by empowering retail teams to go hyper local with Algonomy’s merch.ai

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Strong Performer in Retail Planning

Top Vendor in Retail Assortment Management

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Algonomy is entrusted by over 400 brands for its algorithmic solutions across marketing, merchandising and supply chain.

The Ultimate End-to-End Blueprint for Modern Merchandising Success


  • Assortment Optimization
  • Catalog

Inventory Optimization

  • Replenishment Optimization
  • Order to Pay Management


  • Collaborative Trade Promotions Mgmt
  • Discount Optimization

Intelligent Reporting & Analytics

  • Online BI &
  • Data

Tech Stack

  • Hyper Local
    Demand Forecasting
  • Modern Data Lake
    for Retail
  • Integrated
    Gen AI
  • Mobile-first

Elevate shopper experience

Transition from skill-based to AI-augmented
merchandising to create delightful shopper experiences

Assortment Optimization

Localize assortment at store level, pin-point low performers and substitutes at scale to delight shoppers

Product Catalog Enrichment

Enrich product catalog with Gen AI powered content that understands product context and brand guidelines

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Step up your inventory game

Mitigate demand and supply chain volatility with
predictive and collaborative planning

Replenishment Optimization

Optimize replenishment plans for dynamic demand patterns and your supply chain profile using over 2000+ retail-native algorithms

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Order to Pay Management

Enhance collaboration with suppliers, bring transparency and automate processes throughout the Order to Pay cycle

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Achieve profitable growth

Harness the power of AI and collaboration to grow without sacrificing cost-effectiveness

Collaborative Trade Promotions

Enhance promotion related revenue, cost-effectiveness and rebate recovery with industry-first collaborative features

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Discount Optimization

Determine optimal pricing strategies that will align with organizational goals and category targets by utilizing AI driven pricing models

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Minimize Time-to-insight

Empower your merchandising teams and suppliers with timely insights for informed decision-making.

Online BI & Analytics

Achieve merchandising success with a unified view of shopper online behavior and category performance

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Data Monetization

Develop alternate revenue streams by generating shopper and category insights for suppliers in the form of reports and dashboards

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Accelerate your retail journey

Scale efficiently with retail-native technology and deep domain expertise from the pioneers of retail analytics

Hyper-localized Demand Forecasting

Tailor demand forecasts at scale to channel, category and store nuances with AI-powered optimization.

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Modern Data Lake
for Retail

Build a reliable and scalable enterprise-wide data platform that supports key analytics and business requirements

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Integrated Gen AI

Enable smarter decision-making, personalization, and efficiency across various domains with Gen AI integration

Mobile-first Technology

Let retail teams experience the convenience and user friendliness of mobile apps from industry leading mobile-first product suit

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Where algorithmic brilliance meets bottom-line impact

  • 12%

    Inventory sell-through

  • 5%

    Category margins

  • 11%

    Inventory costs

  • 40%

    Supplier-related costs

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