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Marketing to Member & Cardholder Shoppers

Applicable Segment(s):

Speciality, Food & Grocery, Marketplace, QSR, Supermarket, Department Store, Fashion & Apparel, B2B, DIY, DNVB

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Solution Area:


Marketing to Member & Cardholder Shoppers


An American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation.

The Challenge

The retailer wanted to display different messages on the cart page depending on whether a member or non-member was viewing the page. Non-members received a ‘join the tribe’ message, and both members and non-members received the ‘apply for our credit card’ message.

The Approach

  • Set up two Engage placements on the cart.
  • Set rules to target depending on whether the visitor is a member or non-member.
  • Shoppers are presented the appropriate messaging.

The Result

  • Increase in membership signups.
  • Increase in credit card applications.

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