Create a Dynamic Shopping Experience

Re-sort the product display in real time, instantly matching the shoppers’ current and past preferences as they browse, as if you were re-arranging the in-store display for every visit.

Personalized Dynamic Shopping Experience
Get fine-grained control over your merchandising

Fine-tune your product, browse and catalog rules with controls for merchandising, boosting, blacklisting, exclusions etc.

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Easily personalize by attributes

Customize the importance placed on different attributes, including product, price, newness, brand, category affinities, etc.

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Increase Browse and Navigation Click Thru

Lift engagement and get past decision fatigue by surfacing the most relevant products on your category pages – be it on the web or mobile store.

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Personalized sorting

Eliminate the effort for customers to dig deep into product catalogs to locate the products they prefer by presenting the most relevant products upfront.

Email open-time personalization

Dashboard reports

Get visual insights into key performance metrics and understand the impact of your browse and navigation personalization within minutes.

Personalization settings for shoppers

Test and Optimize

Rapidly test different configurations with A/B and MVT capabilities to determine the most impactful personalization settings for your shoppers.

Enhance Mobile browsing experience and conversions

Mobile configurations

Enhance the mobile browsing experience and conversions by surfacing relevant items even on the smallest screens.

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