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Leverage auto-replenishment for routine purchases

Leverage auto-replenishment for routine purchases

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Shoppers need certain products at regular intervals – makeup wipes, stationary, eggs, and milk. With AI, you can identify not just the right items for every individual, but also their purchase frequency. Watch how you can use this to grow average order value.

I wanted to show a few personalized replenishment scenarios where you can show recommendations for items that are repurchased by returning users. This can be used in multiple ways.

First one, as you see here is by offering a subscription on eyeshadow with a specific date. And that interval is based on when the customer likely needs the item next. The customer can make changes to this order or skip it altogether.

The second application is smart basket, where again, historical data is used to determine products the customer is likely running low on. Here, the top 50 products that the customer usually buys are preloaded to their basket. We do this with Xen AI that pours through all the orders from your site and identifies products with repeat purchases. Here these items are granola bars, yogurt, toilet paper, fruits, and so on. And I then identify the frequency at which customers are repurchasing those products and remind them to reorder at the given frequency be at every 1.5 weeks or every three weeks. This is a great way to continue to build average order value and words even when customers aren’t necessarily there to buy that item again, and also serves as a useful reminder that they might be forgetting a routine item.

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